There is another way of looking at the world

This post was written by DoctorJay on December 3, 2009
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From the workbook:

Today’s idea is an attempt to recognize that you can shift your perception of the world in both its outer and inner aspects. A full five minutes should be devoted to the morning and evening application.

The shorter exercise periods should be as frequent as possible. Specific applications of today’s idea should also be made immediately when any situation arises which tempts you to become disturbed. For these applications, say:

There is another way of looking at this.”

Remember to apply today’s idea the instant you are aware of distress. It may be necessary to take a minute or so to sit quietly and repeat the idea to yourself several times. Closing your eyes will probably help in this form of application.

This morning I did the five minutes exercise (actually it was more like ten minutes). With my eyes closed I felt so happy and saw a wonderful light in my mind’s eye.

Later on I had many different computer challenges. I suppose when you are working simultaneously with four computers including a brand new computer with a new operating system (Windows 7) that you have never used before you are going to have some computer challenges.

This computer rebooted twice with no warning right in the middle of quite a lot of work. Another became unstable and I had to reboot it. Actually I had to physically turn it off and reboot it. At first when it had become unstable (before I realized it was the computer) I thought that perhaps my large one terabyte (1000 gigabytes) drive had died. That may have caused a little problem as that’s my main backup system for six different computers. Even at a time that I may have freaked out, I remained calm by saying “There’s another way of looking at this.”

There were other things. Oh, yes in the middle of the night I had extremely bad leg cramps and so walking has been a bit challenging and I did not even dream of going to the gym as my right thigh hurts whenever I move it…



Today was the last day of my three and a half day fast and so I spent quite a long time in meditation, forgiveness and spirituality. And then when you actually eat, it tastes so fantastic. Of course the breaking of the fast took about four hours of meditation and gratitude and appreciation. In the middle I went for a walking meditation and God, the whole world was so radiant and beautiful. But that had only a little to do with ACIM (A Course in Miracles).


Any way, so far (it’s now 8:05 in the evening) I have had a great day. No matter what would happen (I’m sure other apparently negative things did happen) I would think there’s another way of looking at the world and the potential negativity would end.

I have started to write the thought for the day on the back of old business cards and carry them around and read them at different times and this makes life so much easier and better.

I read the thought for the day at all times not just when challenged. This may have helped me during my walking meditation in the middle of the fast breaking and also made the food taste even more fantastic.

I feel a tad tired and so will do the evening practice now:

  • When I first said, ” There is another way of looking at the world,” with my eyes open I immediately noticed that my glasses were dirty and cleaned them. The thing is that I had noticed this before but had not acted on the perception and then just forgotten about the dirt and the world looked less vivid. I wonder if the same is not true of our internal vision. We know that it is not clear and yet we do nothing about it.
  • With my eyes closed once again I felt as though I was rotating in my chair even though my feet were securely in the chair and I knew I was not moving. First it was anti-clockwise then clockwise. It was as though by the time I opened my eyes I was back at my starting point.
  • I remembered some happy and some not so happy memories from my childhood with my eyes closed and applied the thought of the day and the negative memories became neutral or even good.

Well peace for now.

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