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This post was written by DoctorJay on February 27, 2010
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I’m taking a little time off from this blog as I’m doing the review days. Will be back very soon with new thoughts of the day. One of the review days was about “I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.” I remember the first time I did this exercise I naturally removed the word will from the thought of the day.

This time I wish to comment fully on a few of these words. The first word is will. Anybody who has studied any goal setting or use of affirmations knows that these are best said in the present tense, rather than the future.

After all if I will accept I do not need to accept at this time. Moreover according to A Course in Miracles time does not exist in reality so I do not quite understand why I will rather than plan old I accept.

However, I have a larger issue with one of the words used in A Course in Miracles. I is that word.

I signifies the ego. I, me, my is the whole problem. I is the illusory entity which does not exist. So a reasonable question is, “Who is this I which will accept its role in salvation?”

Perhaps an even more important question to ask is who is the I which is writing this piece.

I know, I do not exist. I know that I do not know. Fair enough. But who is this I who knows that I do not know. So the problem is one of self reference and infinite regress.

So before I return to the new thoughts for the day I have to think about the question of some of the wording. I personally got most use by applying the word you instead of I. For example when I say silently to each person I meet, “You are spirit,” or “You are essential to God’s plan for salvation,” I feel much better and can appreciate the other more.

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