I’m lost because I live in illusions

Day fifty two – review day two: On the second review day we delve deeper into the illusions which are the cause of our upsets – illusions come from our living in the past – our prejudgments. Here are the review thoughts of the day: I am upset because I see what is not there. […]

Back to the beginning

On day fifty one we return to the beginning for a review – but things are different – we understand more that we understand nothing. Today and for the next few days we review past exercises but at a higher level and with some comments added. From the ACIM workbook: Begin the day by reading […]

God is the light in which I see

From the workbook: [] You cannot see in darkness, and you cannot make light… In order to see, you must recognize that light is within, not without. You do not see outside yourself, nor is the equipment for seeing outside you. An essential part of this equipment is the light that makes seeing possible. It […]

My holiness envelops everything I see

The workbook of ACIM (A Course in Miracles) continues that today’s lesson is a continuation of yesterday’s: “Sinless” means without sin. You cannot be without sin a little. You are sinless or not. If your mind is part of God’s you must be sinless, or a part of His Mind would be sinful. I’m still […]

God is in everything I see because God is in my mind

Day thirty and God is in my mind – this is a difficult concept for me to get. My mind is in God makes sense but God is in my mind – I’m not too sure about. Anyway according to the workbook: The idea for today is the springboard for vision. From this idea will […]

God is in everything I see

From the workbook: The idea for today explains why you can see all purpose in anything. It explains why nothing is separate, by itself or in itself. And it explains why nothing you see means anything. In fact, it explains every idea we have used thus far, and all subsequent ones as well. Today’s idea […]

Above all else I want to see things differently

day twenty eight and the thanksgiving holiday is over and I’m back to normal schedule a little heavier and tored from the driving and overeating. The thought for today is: Above all else I want to see things differently The idea is that if you can just see one thing correctly you can see everything […]

Above all else I want to see

From the workbook: Today’s idea expresses something stronger than mere determination. It gives vision priority among your desires…. There may be a great temptation to believe that some sort of sacrifice is being asked of you when you say you want to see above all else. If you become uneasy about the lack of reservation […]

I see no neutral things

On day 17 we return to seeing from thinking. I see no neutral things because I have no neutral thoughts. The exercises today are done with the eyes open. So: I don’t see a neutral monitor as my thoughts about monitors are not neutral. I do not see a neutral printer as my thoughts about […]