Let me remember I am one with God

Of course I’m one with God. That is a given. The question is which I? Again we should know that the real I is eternal and impersonal. The I we associate with is the personal mortal time bound I. In many systems we talk about body/mind/soul. I believe in the existence of at least four […]

Truth will correct all errors in my mind

I do not like the term God as often it is used for the vengeful unloving idol “religious” people have created to reflect their vengeful unloving egos. I prefer the term Ultimate Reality or the One. Such terms have not been abused for thousands of years and do not judge the Divine. Even when I […]

God is the Mind with which I think

I just did the first exercise of the day and I want to write about it before I forget: I have believed for a long time that we are dreams in the mind of God so thinking that God is the Mind with which I think is simple for me. Again being trained as a […]