In my defenselessness my safety lies

Yesterday I had a thought which allows me continue A Course In Miracles workbook. Today’s thought of the day is: In my defenselessness my safety lies The workbook says about today’s thought (my comments in parenthesis): You who feel threatened by this changing world, its twists of fortune and its bitter jests, its brief relationships […]

Anything that God produces is good

I just heard the idea,  “Anything that God produces is good,” on an audio as a belief of many mystics. In fact it is a belief that I have when in deep, deep meditation and a state of union with God. The new thing that I had not thought of in relations to ‘A Course […]

The world I see holds nothing that I want

Let the phenomenal world disappear so the real universe may show itself… That is today’s theme and to an extent the whole theme of A Course in Miracles. It is like cleaning dirty windows to let in eternal light… From ACIM workbook: The world you see holds nothing that you need to offer you; nothing […]

There is no love but God’s

Since God is love there cannot be any love but God’s. Since God is all there can be no love but God’s. From ACIM workbook for today (my comments in parenthesis): Perhaps you think that different kinds of love are possible. Perhaps you think there is a kind of love for this, a kind for […]

God goes with me wherever I go

Day forty one and God goes with me wherever I go. From the ACIM workbook: Today’s idea will eventually overcome completely the sense of loneliness and abandonment all the separated ones experience. Depression is an inevitable consequence of separation. So are anxiety, worry, a deep sense of helplessness, misery, suffering and intense fear of loss… […]

There is nothing my holiness cannot do

I’m about to do the first five minute exercise: I closed my eyes as suggested by the workbook and started with negative things I said things like: in the situation involving my financial problems in which I see myself, there is nothing that my holiness cannot do. in the situation involving XXXX’s financial problems in […]

There is another way of looking at the world

From the workbook: Today’s idea is an attempt to recognize that you can shift your perception of the world in both its outer and inner aspects. A full five minutes should be devoted to the morning and evening application. The shorter exercise periods should be as frequent as possible. Specific applications of today’s idea should […]