you are light, peace, joy and love

I had no time to do yesterday’s worbook exercises. Since these are review days I’ll combine yesterday’s and today’s work with my comments more than anything else. I started with the following thoughts: Light and joy and peace abide in me. I am as God created me. I am one Self, united with my Creator. […]

Light, miracles and strength

According to Plato all learning was relearning. Modern cognitive science (brain sciences, psychology, philosophy, and many more sciences combined) has demonstrated experimentally that this theory is wrong. However, reviewing something you have already learned is definitely relearning and gives us new clues abouy what we learned earlier. Thus A Course in miracles has many review […]

Light and joy and peace abide in me

This morning I did a meditation on the light – I was catching up with yesterday’s practice.  I felt a great wonderful peace and happiness as I allowed the light to heal, unconditionally love and forgive  all. This inner light and joy and peace are the same. When you are still (calm, relaxed mind/body/soul/spirit, at […]

Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one

From ACIM workbook for today: Strength and light unite in you, and where they meet, your Self stands ready to embrace you as Its Own. Such is the meeting place we try today to find and rest in, for the peace of God is where your Self, His Son, is waiting now to meet Itself […]

Miracles are only seen in light

Today we start a new set of thoughts. A Course in miracles workbook continues by stating that miracles are there all the time. It is just that we don’t see them in darkness. This is confirmed by my own mystical experiences when I have experienced unity with the all. At these times I know that […]

Let light replace suffering through acceptance

I have spent most of the last thirty eight hours in bed and one way or other recovering from some kind of dis-ease. My nose is running, I had (and to a certain extent still have) a sore throat and my breathing is not easy. I mentioned yesterday that being spiritual and practicing the teachings […]

Peace through forgiveness and loving light

Second of the second review sessions continues with the idea that my function is to bring peace onto the world through forgiveness and unconditional love. From ACIM workbook: The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness. Suggestions for specific forms for applying this idea are: Let peace extend from my […]

The light has come

Today is a break through day – as I’m writing this the audio I’m listening says, “Today’s the day!” How’s that for synchronicity as according to A Course in Miracles workbook today is the day the light has come: Our longer practice periods will be devoted to looking at the world that our forgiveness shows […]

My salvation comes from me

Today’s thought is self evident.  It is a matter of accepting responsibility for one’s existence and being. It is a truism under any system which has both the idea of salvation and free will. There are some religious sects like the Calvinists who believe that salvation comes from external sources (through grace) and that only […]

God is the light in which I see

From the workbook: [] You cannot see in darkness, and you cannot make light… In order to see, you must recognize that light is within, not without. You do not see outside yourself, nor is the equipment for seeing outside you. An essential part of this equipment is the light that makes seeing possible. It […]