Forgiveness is the key to happiness

Forgiveness is the linchpin  of my hypnotherapy practice and the seminars I give. I always talk about the Zen master who said, “Not forgiving and holding resentments is akin to drinking a bottle of poison and expecting the other person to suffer.” When talking about forgiveness I also use the metaphor of a child burning […]

I seek but what belongs to me in truth

There is a line in the I Ching (The Chinese book of changes) I love which states that if you lose your horse do not search for it. If it is truly yours it will return to you in seven days. In the same way, A Course in Miracles states that it is a required […]

God, being Love, is also happiness

Today was a good day internally even though as usual all sorts of things happened externally. Whenever I had spare time I repeated, “God, being Love, is also happiness.” This made me feel happy and also made me appreciate the free time I had rather than being bored, I was doing something useful. At the […]

I share God’s Will for happiness for me

Jimmy Hendrix sang, “Loneliness is such a drag…” One of the challenges I’m facing at this time is that I cannot talk about where I’m with my wife and sisters (my nearest loved ones) as I don’t want to burden them even more. So I keep things inside and when I talk about it it […]

God’s Will for me is perfect happiness

We continue where we left off yesterday. Again the real question is, “What is perfect happiness?” Is it a life of no ups and downs? Such a life would not teach us anything and be boring. I think perfect happiness is accepting whatever happens as the will of God. Many great people (from a spiritual […]

Salvation is my only function here

Today was a much more effective day than yesterday as far as A Course in Miracles workbook is concerned. I wrote the thought of the day (Salvation is my only function here) on an index card. Because of the way my work is at this time I cannot stop for five minutes each hour. I […]

My source is forgiving love

What is the Source, the Creator of all, the Author of the infinite universes? Most religions believe that it is love which created the universe. Either God is equivalent to love or created the creation out of love. The four thoughts to be reviewed today and yesterday (I ended lacking time – I may do […]

Being happy is the function God gave me

When people are on their deathbeds they never regret not having spent more times in the office, or having made more money, or not having bought more toys. They regret no having loved more, or spent more time watching sunsets and so on. The American statement that he who dies with most toys wins is […]

My happiness and my function are one

The title resonates with me. Surely happiness is all that matters. Unfortunately we fight against our happiness by struggling for power, money, toys and other material things. We fight against our happiness by demanding that we must be right. We lose happiness through resentments, jealousies, and general lack of love. We boost our happiness through […]