Let go and let God’s peace cover the universe

Again I’m doing two of the review days together.  I am sick and have spent a lot of time in bed for the last day. I was going to write I am suffering from a sickness and then I changed my mind. The miracle is not that when you are spiritual you do not get […]

Let miracles replace all grievances

I believe there is only one miracle and that is the end of grievances. When you accept everything as God’s gift, when you forgive everyone including yourself, when you have nothing but unconditional love and compassion for all beings, you are in the kingdom of heaven, you are happy. As Jesus said, the kingdom of […]

Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation

On day seventy two we further release ourselves from the illusions of the body and grievances and resentments – we listen for God’s plan for salvation. From ACIM workbook: If God is a body, what must His plan for salvation be? What could it be but death? [] Some hate the body, and try to […]

My grievances hide the light of the world in me

I was reading somewhere that a single human soul saved brings salvation to all. Another way of looking at this is that by seeing the light in yourself you see the light in all. By loving all you love yourself. By giving up on grievances and forgiving all you end up fulfilling your function of […]

Love holds no grievances

Today’s long practice may be difficult. I do so much forgiving that I think I have no or very little grievances. It is not that I’m never disturbed. When I do get disturbed and have less than loving thoughts I immediately do some forgiving work and send blessing toward the person I imagine has hurt […]