When I am healed I am not healed alone

Some of the ACIM ideas of the day I reject viscerally and others I accept immediately. Most I may be positively inclined toward. Today’s idea is one of the ones I love. Since I believe I do not exist in reality, and the only thing which exists is the One (Ultimate Realty)  it follows that […]

Let me perceive forgiveness as it is

From the workbook lesson for today: Let us review the meaning of “forgive,” for it is apt to be distorted and to be perceived as something that entails an unfair sacrifice of righteous wrath, a gift unjustified and undeserved, and a complete denial of the truth. In such a view, forgiveness must be seen as […]

All that I give is given to myself

Some of the claims in A Course in Miracles are alien to me. From the ACIM workbook for today: Today’s idea, completely alien to the ego and the thinking of the world, is crucial to the thought reversal that this course will bring about. If you believed this statement, there would be no problem in […]

Forgiveness offers everything I want

Do you want to be happy or right. It might as well be do you want to be peaceful or have vengeance. Or do you want to be safe or do you want to have power. The list is endless. You can be unconditionally loving, full of compassion for you fellow human beings, or be […]

Forgiveness is the key to happiness

Forgiveness is the linchpin  of my hypnotherapy practice and the seminars I give. I always talk about the Zen master who said, “Not forgiving and holding resentments is akin to drinking a bottle of poison and expecting the other person to suffer.” When talking about forgiveness I also use the metaphor of a child burning […]

Peace through forgiveness and loving light

Second of the second review sessions continues with the idea that my function is to bring peace onto the world through forgiveness and unconditional love. From ACIM workbook: The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness. Suggestions for specific forms for applying this idea are: Let peace extend from my […]

Forgive to show you are the light of the world

We start another series of review practice periods. A Course in Miracles workbook says about this: The longer practice periods will follow this general form: Take about fifteen minutes for each of them, and begin by thinking about the ideas for the day, and the comments that are included in the assignments. Devote some three […]

Only God’s plan for salvation will work

From ACIM workbook for today: [] you believe, [] “If this were different, I would be saved.” The change of mind necessary for salvation is thus demanded of everyone and everything except yourself. Begin the two longer practice periods for today by thinking about today’s idea, and realizing that it contains two parts, each making […]

My salvation comes from me

Today’s thought is self evident.  It is a matter of accepting responsibility for one’s existence and being. It is a truism under any system which has both the idea of salvation and free will. There are some religious sects like the Calvinists who believe that salvation comes from external sources (through grace) and that only […]

My only function is the one God gave me

From ACIM workbook for today: The idea for today reaffirms your commitment to salvation. It also reminds you that you have no function other than that. Both these thoughts are obviously necessary for a total commitment… Today, and for a number of days to follow, set aside ten to fifteen minutes for a more sustained […]