I am among the ministers of God

I’m going to concentrate on the first paragraph of the ACIM workbook for today: Let us today be neither arrogant nor falsely humble. We have gone beyond such foolishness. We cannot judge ourselves, nor need we do so. These are but attempts to hold decision off, and to delay commitment to our function. It is […]

In my defenselessness my safety lies

Yesterday I had a thought which allows me continue A Course In Miracles workbook. Today’s thought of the day is: In my defenselessness my safety lies The workbook says about today’s thought (my comments in parenthesis): You who feel threatened by this changing world, its twists of fortune and its bitter jests, its brief relationships […]

Let light replace suffering through acceptance

I have spent most of the last thirty eight hours in bed and one way or other recovering from some kind of dis-ease. My nose is running, I had (and to a certain extent still have) a sore throat and my breathing is not easy. I mentioned yesterday that being spiritual and practicing the teachings […]

Let go and let God’s peace cover the universe

Again I’m doing two of the review days together.  I am sick and have spent a lot of time in bed for the last day. I was going to write I am suffering from a sickness and then I changed my mind. The miracle is not that when you are spiritual you do not get […]