My source is forgiving love

This post was written by DoctorJay on January 24, 2010
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What is the Source, the Creator of all, the Author of the infinite universes?

Most religions believe that it is love which created the universe. Either God is equivalent to love or created the creation out of love.

The four thoughts to be reviewed today and yesterday (I ended lacking time – I may do these review articles like this – two days at a time –  if needs be):

Love created me like itself.
Love holds no grievances.
My grievances hide the light of the world in me.
My salvation comes from me.

First long review period:

  • Love is for giving means that love is forgiving…
  • Love is the only thing that the more you give the more you have.
  • Love can only create out of love and through love.
  • Any lack of happiness and peace means there’s a lack of love.

After doing the long meditation I remembered the Zen Buddhist idea: “Destroy your enemies by making them friends!”
this is only possible through love.


Second long review period:

  • Grievances hide the light.
  • Grievances increase hurt.

After ward I remembered that during Vietnam war they asked Mother Tresa to go on an anti-war protest she refused and said, “When you have a pro-peace rally I will gladly walk with you.” As I’m writing this I also notice the word protest (grievance) rally (love) that she used.

I also remembered a Zen master who said, “Holding grievances and expecting the other to suffer is aking to drinking a bottle of poison and expecting another to die.”


Third long practice period:

  • An image that I have had came to me again in a slightly different form:
    I saw a window which let in the light into a room progressively getting dirtier and the light in the room dimming.
    I heard (intuited the message): “Forgiveness and love clean the windows to your soul.”


Fourth long practice meditation:

  • Salvation is freedom from karma.
  • Each person keeps account of own karma.
  • All judgment is self judgment.
  • The universe is a mirror.
    You see what you project.
  • There is only one only begotten.
    This means we are all the only begotten.
    Individual (the individual is an illusion [of separation]) salvation is impossible.
  • Each time we forgive, love, have compassion we contribute toward the Salvation and return to the Source.
    The above capitalization of the words Salvation and Source came to me during the long practice. Even though I was intuiting the words when I got to write them I knew I had to capitalize them.

I’m wondering if this intuiting hearing is some kind of channeling?
Who knows – I sure don’t know anything.
Perhaps the less we know, the more we can love.
Perhaps this is the meaning of the myth of the three of knowledge of good and evil…

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