I share God’s Will for happiness for me

This post was written by DoctorJay on February 10, 2010
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Jimmy Hendrix sang, “Loneliness is such a drag…” One of the challenges I’m facing at this time is that I cannot talk about where I’m with my wife and sisters (my nearest loved ones) as I don’t want to burden them even more. So I keep things inside and when I talk about it it ends up causing more trouble than succor.

Last night I talked for a long time to a friend. Just talking about the purgatory that my job is allowed me to feel better. Anyway yesterday was a day off so I feel better.

It seems most people at my new work are desperate. It is as though the whole country is desperate in the current economic mess we are in. I don’t want to make a political comment here but it appears as if our leaders (political, business especially the banker but the corporations, education system) have failed us miserably.

However, the world is the way it is and I cannot change that. All I can change is myself and what goes on inside my head.

From the ACIM workbook for today:

You do not want to suffer. You may think it buys you something, and may still believe a little that it buys you what you want. Yet this belief is surely shaken now, at least enough to let you question it, and to suspect it really makes no sense. It has not gone as yet, but lacks the roots that once secured it tightly to the dark and hidden secret places of your mind.

Today we try to loose its weakened hold still further, and to realize that pain is purposeless, without a cause and with no power to accomplish anything. It cannot purchase anything at all. It offers nothing, and does not exist. And everything you think it offers you is lacking in existence, like itself. You have been slave to nothing. Be you free today to join the happy Will of God.

For several days we will continue to devote our periods of practicing to exercises planned to help you reach the happiness God’s Will has placed in you. Here is your home, and here your safety is. Here is your peace, and here there is no fear. Here is salvation. Here is rest at last.

Begin your practice periods today with this acceptance of God’s Will for you:

I share God’s Will for happiness for me, and
I accept it as my function now.

Then seek this function deep within your mind, for it is there, awaiting but your choice. You cannot fail to find it when you learn it is your choice, and that you share God’s Will.

Be happy, for your only function here is happiness. You have no need to be less loving to God’s Son than He Whose Love created him as loving as Himself. Besides these hourly five-minute rests, pause frequently today, to tell yourself that you have now accepted happiness as your one function. And be sure that you are joining with God’s Will in doing this.

My reaction to the five minute sessions:

  • My niece has just phoned me giving me some happy news so all is well.
  • I went to the gym and said silently to all I saw: “You are spirit.”
    This gave me joy and typically gave them joy.
    A few people appear not to like me. I smile at them each time I see them and they never smile back. I send them love and wish them happiness.
  • The rest of the day passed at work.
    I was cold and freezing.
    I did my best to be loving to all.
    At times it is not easy – there are major conflicts at this place and how do you not take sides?
  • I’m not exactly sure what the idea of sharing means here.
    In reality all is God’s and whatever God wills is.
    We are such stuff as dreams are made of – and this is the dream of God pretending to be a human being…
    Reminds me of the Zen master who dreamed he was a butterfly and when he woke he asked, “Am I a human dreaming that I was a butterfly or am I a butterfly dreaming that I am a human?”
    So I repeat I do not understand how I could dare share anything with anyone since I do not exist in reality.
  • I’ll be happy though.

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