Salvation comes from my one Self

This post was written by DoctorJay on February 4, 2010
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Interesting day:

I was supposed to drive seventy miles to Hollywood from Dana Point to donate blood at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA0 and then continue on another five to ten miles to Glendale to get a hair cut and see a friend. I left aboput five minutes earlier than I had planed so I was happily ahead of my own schedule.

After twenty minutes of driving I noticed that I had forgotten to take my cell phone.

Normally this would not have mattered but in this case I had told my friend that I would phone him to say when we were to meet once I got to the hair dresser and noticed the length of the line.

So, I turned around and drove back as quickly as possible, picked up my phone and got back to the freeway as fast as possible. So I was about half an hour later than I had hoped last night.

I had the thought of the day written on the back of an old business card. But by this time I was quite frustrated and could not read the thoughts:

Salvation comes from my one Self.

Its Thoughts are mine to use.

I could not concentrate, and then the traffic got progressively worse and worse. Thus by the time I arrived at the Children’s Hospital, I was both frustrated and anxious for I thgought I may not be able to see my friend. By this time the main parking lot was full and it took me a few minutes of being lost to find the annex parking lot.

There was a long line at the information but when I got to the blood bank there were two people only there.

Now, before I write about my stupidity, you must understand that over the last eighteen years I had donated sixty five pints of blood at CHLA, and normally I get VIP treatment (there are less than five people who may have donated more than me).

So here I am late and anxious and I end my form before another gentleman who was waiting longer and yet once he filled up his form they called him in and I was just waiting ten, fifteen minutes later I lost it and complained angrily.  The person at the desk calmed me down and five minutes later I went in and discovered that most of the nurses and personal were away at a mobile blood drive.

I felt very ashamed at blowing up and anyway I apologized and explained about leaving my phone home and returning and things like that and soon we were all friends again.

So what is the lesson here?

We are all like the children in “Lord of the flees.” We may even study A Course in Miracles, meditate, practice unconditional love and yet we are only one step away from losing it and savagery.


Later,  I went to the gym, and after working out I spent most of an hour in the sauna repeating at first, “Salvation comes from my one Self. Its thoughts are mine to use.” Soon as I was repeating the thoughts of today they changed to, “Salvation comes from the one Self,” and then, “Salvation comes from the Self.”

Tat Tuam Asi – that thou art.

Or the self is the Self – the illusory self (the ego in terms of A Course in Miracles) is the real Self (God, Ultimate Reality, The Spirit, The One, and so on).


After writing the above I did a meditation on theone self but I was so tired that I went to sleep from the meditation. I do not remember anything from the meditation.

However, whereas earlier I was anxious and concerned, now, I’m at peace and calm.


Before I go to sleep I think:

Salvation is – Self is – Peace is!
Surely salvation is there all the time (actually time is not according to ACIM but it is difficult to talk about unspeakable concepts in language) – it is only a question of awareness of it.
The choice is between love, peace, forgiveness, that is to say being awake or remaining in the nightmare world of duality with anger, lack of peace and lack of happiness.

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