Let me recognize my problems have been solved

This post was written by DoctorJay on January 19, 2010
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Yesterday during the second long exercise period I realized that I had no real problems. Yes, life is suffering and all sorts of “bad” things do happen but they are not real problems. They are simply things to be accepted and dealt with appropriately.

From ACIM workbook:

Your only problem has been solved! Repeat this over and over to yourself today, with gratitude and conviction…

You are entitled to peace today…

In our longer practice periods today, we will claim the peace that must be ours when the problem and the answer have been brought together. The problem must be gone, because God’s answer cannot fail. Having recognized one, you have recognized the other. The solution is inherent in the problem. You are answered, and have accepted the answer. You are saved.

Now let the peace that your acceptance brings be given you. Close your eyes, and receive your reward. Recognize that your problems have been solved. Recognize that you are out of conflict; free and at peace. Above all, remember that you have one problem, and that the problem has one solution. It is in this that the simplicity of salvation lies. It is because of this that it is guaranteed to work.

Assure yourself often today that your problems have been solved. Repeat the idea with deep conviction, as frequently as possible. And be particularly sure to apply the idea for today to any specific problem that may arise. Say quickly:

Let me recognize this problem has been solved.

First long practice period:

  • Love, love, love…
  • Peace, peace, peace…

At times it’s best to say little. This was one of those times.

Second long practice period:

  • As usual there were some daily problems – but as usual they were minor challenges…
    So as I got into a state of peace I remembered past large problems and they were in reality large challenges. In fact since I’m here. Since they no longer affect me all my past problems have been solved.
    In the same way since all my so called current problems will be solved in the future and yet in reality time does not exist – all my problems have been solved.
  • After that the memories and thoughts disappeared and only love and peace was left.

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