I see no neutral things

This post was written by DoctorJay on November 17, 2009
Posted Under: A Course In Miracles - workbook

On day 17 we return to seeing from thinking. I see no neutral things because I have no neutral thoughts.

The exercises today are done with the eyes open.


  • I don’t see a neutral monitor as my thoughts about monitors are not neutral.
  • I do not see a neutral printer as my thoughts about printers are not neutral.
  • I do not see a neutral this mind-body therapy as my thoughts about monitors are not neutral.

As I looked at the above three objects each had a lot of extraneous memories that I became aware of. Normally (when I’m not doing the exercise) I would just look at things without any thinking but of course unconsciously the non-neutral thoughts would still happen.


  • I have worked on various printer projects when I was a software engineer. I miss being a software engineer. One of the jobs with printers had a boss from hell another from heaven. Another job was a very short term job. Each job has its own associations. Of course over the years I have also used so many different printers some good some bad. Again the associations bring up more associations and those more. So truly I see only the past.

As it happens the other two objects had a lot associations but in reality there are no objects without any associations.

Today’s exercises went well. In truth I don’t see any neutral things.

I did have an interesting experience at the dentist which showed me the power of intention.


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