Miracles are only seen in light

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Today we start a new set of thoughts. A Course in miracles workbook continues by stating that miracles are there all the time. It is just that we don’t see them in darkness. This is confirmed by my own mystical experiences when I have experienced unity with the all. At these times I know that the unity exists all the time. It is impossible to get away from it. What happens is that we are not aware of it.

When prince Siddhartha Gautama became the Buddha he was so radiant that people came to him and asked:

Are you an angel?

Are you a God?

Then what are you?
At this the Buddha replied, “I’m awake.”

That is the only choice. You cannot lose your inner truth. You are who you are (A Spiritual being incarnated – ensouled in flesh). You are the only begotten. You have lost awareness of your reality. It is maya – illusion. Both of these words have the same root in their respective source languages (Sanskrit and Latin). They mean play as play acting. Yesterday I mentioned the myth of separation and the splitting of the One to the many. It is part of the plan so it really does not matter how you play the game.

The point is to appreciate the game and enjoy life no matter which life you have selected.


From ACIM workbook for today:

Three times today, set aside about ten minutes for a quiet time in which you try to leave your weakness behind…

Begin the longer practice periods with this statement of true cause and effect relationships:

Miracles are seen in light.
The body’s eyes do not perceive the light.
But I am not a body. What am I?

The question with which this statement ends is needed for our exercises today. What you think you are is a belief to be undone. But what you really are must be revealed to you…

If you are not a body, what are you?

If you are not a body, what are you? Ask this in honesty, and then devote several minutes to allowing your mistaken thoughts about your attributes to be corrected, and their opposites to take their place. Say, for example:

I am not weak, but strong.
I am not helpless, but all powerful.
I am not limited, but unlimited.
I am not doubtful, but certain.
I am not an illusion, but a reality.
I cannot see in darkness, but in light.

In the second phase of the exercise period, try to experience these truths about yourself…

Relax for the rest of the practice period, confident that your efforts, however meager, are fully supported by the strength of God and all His Thoughts. It is from Them that your strength will come…

Five or six times an hour, at reasonably regular intervals, remind yourself that miracles are seen in light. Also, be sure to meet temptation with today’s idea. This form would be helpful for this special purpose:

Miracles are seen in light. Let me not close my eyes because of this.

First long practice period:

  • This ended up as a very cerebral exercise.
    I was thinking that if I lost an arm, I would still be me.
    Now continuing the thought experiment let’s lose another limb, and then another…
    Well, it would be still be the same person.
    I would still be me – the I’ness would remain.
  • I was once a baby, then toddler and so on.
    And one day I’ll die – or at least my body will…
    And if I still exist – then I’ll still be me – and then no body.
    Or perhaps I won’t exist – who knows.
  • Excellent question – who knows…
    Or is it who nose?
  • It goes back to the who-ness.
    Who am I?

    • I am not the body.
      I have a body
    • I am not the mind
      I have a mind
    • I am n0t my thoughts
      I think.
    • I am not my perceptions
      I perceive
  • And so it goes…
  • But still

Who am I?

And that’s the crux of the whole issue – who am I?

I know I haven’t a clue and and yet I write I know I haven’t a clue.

So who the hell (or heaven) is this I who does not know.


Second long practice period:

  • I get stuck at this thought: “I am not an illusion, but a reality.”
    The whole point is that the I that I associate with is the illusory I and perhaps that’s all.
    Anyway that’s enough for today.
    And that was yesterday – phone dead – no DSL – no Internet.

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