Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one

This post was written by DoctorJay on February 1, 2010
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From ACIM workbook for today:

Strength and light unite in you, and where they meet, your Self stands ready to embrace you as Its Own. Such is the meeting place we try today to find and rest in, for the peace of God is where your Self, His Son, is waiting now to meet Itself again, and be as One.

Let us give twenty minutes twice today to join this meeting. Let yourself be brought unto your Self. Its strength will be the light in which the gift of sight is given you. Leave, then, the dark a little while today, and we will practice seeing in the light, closing the body’s eyes and asking truth to show us how to find the meeting place of self and Self, where light and strength are one.

Morning and evening we will practice thus. After the morning meeting, we will use the day in preparation for the time at night when we will meet again in trust. Let us repeat as often as we can the idea for today, and recognize that we are being introduced to sight, and led away from darkness to the light where only miracles can be perceived.

First long practice:

  • This was another of those experiences when I reached the light very rapidly and the whole material world disappeared.
    Often unfortunately the scientist in me takes over and I try to remember what is going on so I can report about the experience here in this blog.
    That stops me from going as deep as I would if I was not writing this.
    It is a two edged sword.
    This time the experience was pure – just light – deep – and no memory.
    So there!
    Tat tuam asi – that thou art.

Second long exercise period:

  • Again I went very deep. The light was ultra bright and loving. I allowed the light to love all unconditionally.
    The all includes myself and every cell of my body. My attitude is that I am not a body, but I do have a body which needs be healed.
    In the English language the word health is related to the word whole. When you are whole (at peace so different parts are not in conflict) you are healthy. You may even be dieing of an “incurable” illness but when you are at peace you are healthy.
  • So I felt the light giving me the strength to forgive and love.
    Again this was all encompassing and included myself as well as others.
  • Finally when the practice was over I felt at great peace, calm and very happy.
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