A Course in Miracles – day three

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I have previously mentioned that this is the umpteenth time I have started A Course in Miracles Workbook. Last time I posted my attempt online but I gave up. I thought I had completely lost those posts. However, I managed to find some on the Internet Archives and will post them as contrast for this occasion – this time I’ll complete the whole 365 days in a single year. Also they may give other complementary clues on the appropriate days.

A Course in Miracles – day three

“I do not understand anything I see in this room (etc).

The book says that even if some of the things may have emotionally charged meaning lay the feelings aside and treat everything the same. For the morning session I am in my room. I look near and far and I do not understand. I am doing the exercise now with out intellectualizing.

No new comment except in reality I do not understand anything. It is like the story of Socrates who was told that the oracle of Apollo at Delphi had said, that he was the wisest person in Athens went around asking people questions. He knew was not wise but at the same time he knew the god Apollo would not lie. He discovered that every one else imagined that he was wise (in those days in Athens only men were persons), whereas, he knew he was not wise. Thus in as much as he understood that he did not understand much he was wise.

I have already written in another post that one of my favorite mantras comes from Ram Dass which is, “I don’t know.” So this exercise was easy.


I’m posting this on day 43 and in truth I still don’t know. I suppose the difference is that it’s good that I don’t know.


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