Miracles are a change of mind

This post was written by DoctorJay on December 18, 2009
Posted Under: A Course In Miracles,gratitude

I just had a little miracle or a big one – you be the judge.

Typically the first thing I do upon waking up and doing my toiletries is to go to my computer and read the ACIM workbook exercise of the day and then after reading it I start the post of the day here and end the evening by posting it just before going to sleep.

Today, I had various chores to do and I had to move my laptops (I work with three simultaneously) from a couple of different rooms to the room I’m working in and then I was searching in the fridge to make breakfast and all sorts of things fell out to the floor. Nothing broke but I said, “Oh shit, God….” This was totally habitual but before the next word “dammit” could come out it was changed and I said thank you.

I said, “God, thank you!” Which is the correct attitude to have toward everything.

Then happily I took everything which had fallen out and placed them neatly back into the fridge so they will not fall out next time.

Coincidentally I found some old food I should have thrown away a week ago and threw it away.


In effect today, I automatically changed my mind and words from habitual negative thinking to an attitude of gratitude and that to me is a miracle. I know that this change of mind was thanks to studying A Course in Miracles and doing the workbook exercises.

Once more, “Thank you God.”

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