Let light replace suffering through acceptance

This post was written by DoctorJay on January 27, 2010
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I have spent most of the last thirty eight hours in bed and one way or other recovering from some kind of dis-ease. My nose is running, I had (and to a certain extent still have) a sore throat and my breathing is not easy. I mentioned yesterday that being spiritual and practicing the teachings of the Wisdom Traditions (mysticism) does not stop the apparent suffering of life. It obvious that as the Buddha said, “Life is full of suffering.”

Just note the recent earth quake in Tahiti. So many people who were already suffering died. You may imagine that their suffering stopped. How about the suffering of the survivors? I do not understand those who say that the few survivors, survived thanks to miracles of God. If God personally intervenes to save a body and that is a miracle it means that God personally intervenes to kill people.

OK, I understand that I understand nothing – even so – to me that is either a miracle that I don’t understand or sheer cruelty.

I would rather think that we each decide the type of life we want to lead in a given incarnation with its accompanying lessons and sufferings.

Anyway, according to A Course in Miracles there is only one begotten child of God. Many years ago after having my first mystical experience when I had an experience that I called coming face to face with God (at this time I was and for many years later I remained an atheist), I started studying Wisdom Traditions of different parts of the world.

I studied Zen Buddhism, Sufism (Islamic mysticism), Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), Christian mysticism, Shamanism and other “native” mystical traditions.

I noticed that whereas the outer (exoteric) form of religions all disagreed, ultimately all mystical traditions started from their own historical roots but ended at the same points of love, compassion, forgiveness, and union/unity of Creation and Creator (pantheism or panentheism).

Of course given my academic background as a pure scientist and later profession as an engineer I wanted things to make sense scientifically and practically.

So I always examined latest results from science (mainly modern physics – quantum mechanics and cosmology) and my own experiences through meditation. Both of these tell me that there is only one entity and that may be called Ultimate Reality. Also on some level not only reincarnation exists (I cannot put it into words as I don’t understand it and that it alright by me). Moreover all human beings (and probably all sentient beings) are on some level one (I think it is at this level that ACIM talks about the only begotten).

OK, long winded but if you are still with me – the point is that each person’s suffering is my suffering and each person’s happiness is my happiness. We decide what we need in each life time. It is like going to a movie. Some times we want to see a comedy at other times a tragedy…

Note, if we are all one holding grievance and taking revenge only hurts yourself. On the other hand, forgiving, is giving unconditional love to yourself. Again the golden rule becomes:

Since you are in truth one, love the other as yourself as the other is yourself.


First long review period based on – The light has come:

  • As I kept repeating, “The light has come,” I saw the ultra bright light covering my body entering each cell of my body healing  me.
    At the time (during the meditation) my nose stopped running.
    Now, it is running again.
  • I continued and felt very happy as the phrase changed to, “Delight has come.”

Second long review period based on – I am under no laws but God’s:

  • Anything that happens is God’s laws.
  • Acceptance affirms God’s Laws.
  • Acceptance is not the same as passivity. Accept and change whatever you do not like.
    Change with unconditional love and lack of grievance.
    Change while in peace of God.
  • The peace of God is the ultimate law.
    The peace of God is love.
    Love brings happiness.
    Love forgives.

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