My holiness is my salvation

This post was written by DoctorJay on December 9, 2009
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The ACIM workbook asks in the exercise for today:

If guilt is hell, what is its opposite?

And gives the following answer:

We have already said that your holiness is the salvation of the world. What about your own salvation? You cannot give what you do not have. A savior must be saved. How else can he teach salvation? Today’s exercises will apply to you, recognizing that your salvation is crucial to the salvation of the world. As you apply the exercises to your world, the whole world stands to benefit…

Your holiness means the end of guilt, and therefore the end of hell. Your holiness is the salvation of the world, and your own.

St least four and preferably more five minute sessions are suggested for today. I’m about to do the first one:

  • It took about seven minutes. I Started from my birth remembering different events about which I felt guilty in the past and with each event I applied the thought for today.
    I kept repeating, “My holiness is my salvation,” whenever any memory would come up.
    Soon memories were no longer chronological but I would have memories of all sorts of events and people. Again, I surrounded each memory with pink light of unconditional love and provided forgiveness to all concerned by repeating the thought for today.
  • Second long session – not much came up in this session. So I just kept repeating the thought of the day. Every now and then a negative thought would enter my consciousness and I would say this for:
    On the issue of feeling guilty about YYY my holiness is my salvation and frees me from this guilt. As the workbook said, “What is the opposite of the hell caused by guilt?” And it must be release from guilt and letting go. Let go, and let God, trusting in your holiness.
  • Third long session – I remembered people and events and covered all including myself with pink light of unconditional love. My mind would wonder – at one time I remember imagining (having a vision?) myself the size of many solar systems and sending love to the whole of the planet Earth.
    Later a solution to a computer challenge came to me. By the time the session ended I forgot the detail. I wrote what I remembered down. It does not immediately make any sense but gives me clues about other things. So my holiness is my salvation.
  • It is not midday yet and I’m doing a fourth long exercise – must need it:
    Again in the middle my mind wondered. It is as though I’m meditation or perhaps I go to sleep. Since I’m sitting on the computer chair I doubt if that’s what is happening. I keep repeating that my holiness is my salvation – I remember suddenly it was so obvious –
    My holiness does not exist as that would imply that I (my ego) is real – my holiness is God’s holiness and that is the salvation of all…
    Then? I don’t remember. All disappeared until it was time to open my eyes – about ten minutes had passed.
  • It’s 2:45 – I just returned from a balance walking, where I walk on top of some logs which form a fence in a nearby park. The logs are in line to form a fence about eighteen inches off the ground. In the beginning it was difficult to walk on the logs but with practice it has become easier to the point that I have started walking backward on the logs.
    It was quite cold and I could not do it as long as I wanted – but I kept repeating the thought for today and it appeared to improve my sense of balance. My hands though are still rather cold thanks to the walk.
  • Anyway I’m going to do another long session (five minutes or more):
    Very soon at the beginning of the exercise doubts came into my consciousness – I thought waht if my holiness is not my salvation.
    This thought was replaced with but my holiness is my salvation – perhaps my salvation is not what I imagine.
    Then all disappeared – all at least I don’t remember what happened next – and I came to by repeating that my holiness is my salvation.
  • I’m about to write about the last long exercise – chances are that I may do one or more later – but for now I wish to report on this as the computer is slowing down and potentially is getting unstable – so here goes:
    I started thinking about worries, resentments and guilts. Suddenly I was in the nineteenth century as a cowboy riding horses. I don’t quite know what that means. So when I noticed that I brought my awareness back to today.
    I was in the present moment and then my mind wondered again. This seems to be what is going on with today’s exercise all the time.
    I don’t know what is going on and that’s OK because my holiness is my salvation!

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