My holiness blesses the world

This post was written by DoctorJay on December 7, 2009
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Day thirty seven and all is well. Yesterday I did have a tiny melt down but it was much smaller with ACIM than without.

For today’s exercise:

Today’s four longer exercise periods, each to involve three to five minutes of practice, begin with the repetition of the idea for today, followed by a minute or so of looking about you as you apply the idea to whatever you see:

My holiness blesses this computer
My holiness blesses that carpet
My holiness blesses this hand
My holiness blesses this cup of tea
My holiness blesses this coat…

Then close your eyes and apply the idea to any person who occurs to you, using his name and saying

My holiness blesses you, Adam.

The ACIM workbook suggests that we apply today’s thought to every one we meet using their name as above and give them blessings.

Some how I pressed the wrong button earlier on and this post was published way before I meant to. So now it’s unpublished and will be published at the end of the evening when I have done all four longer exercises.

Anyway, it’s one of those rare rainy days in Southern California. I went to the gym and used the thought for today on every person I met. On my way back it was exceptionally blustery and cold.

The dark stormy sky looked so beautiful. It was freezing by our standards and it was great.

The rest of the evening has been pretty uneventful. I’m listening to Ram Dass. He is describing how he met Baba Ji his guru. At this moment Ram Dass, “Said he continued to manifest what in the West would be called miracles…”

At this point is a good time to say goodnight.


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