Heaven is the decision I must make

This post was written by DoctorJay on June 1, 2010
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From ACIM workbook for today:

In this world Heaven is a choice, because here we believe there are alternatives to choose between. We think that all things have an opposite, and what we want we choose. If Heaven exists there must be hell as well, for contradiction is the way we make what we perceive, and what we think is real.

Creation knows no opposite…

Choice is the obvious escape from what appears as opposites…

Heaven is chosen consciously. The choice cannot be made until alternatives are accurately seen and understood. All that is veiled in shadows must be raised to understanding, to be judged again, this time with Heaven’s help. And all mistakes in judgment that the mind had made before are open to correction, as the truth dismisses them as causeless. Now are they without effects. They cannot be concealed, because their nothingness is recognized.

The conscious choice of Heaven is as sure as is the ending of the fear of hell, when it is raised from its protective shield of unawareness, and is brought to light. Who can decide between the clearly seen and the unrecognized? Yet who can fail to make a choice between alternatives when only one is seen as valuable; the other as a wholly worthless thing, a but imagined source of guilt and pain? Who hesitates to make a choice like this? And shall we hesitate to choose today?

We make the choice for Heaven as we wake, and spend five minutes making sure that we have made the one decision that is sane. We recognize we make a conscious choice between what has existence and what has nothing but an appearance of the truth. Its pseudo-being, brought to what is real, is flimsy and transparent in the light. It holds no terror now, for what was made enormous, vengeful, pitiless with hate, demands obscurity for fear to be invested there. Now it is recognized as but a foolish, trivial mistake.

Before we close our eyes in sleep tonight, we reaffirm the choice that we have made each hour in between. And now we give the last five minutes of our waking day to the decision with which we awoke. As every hour passed, we have declared our choice again, in a brief quiet time devoted to maintaining sanity. And finally, we close the day with this, acknowledging we chose but what we want:

Heaven is the decision I must make.
I make it now, and will not change my mind,
because it is the only thing I want.


Heaven is within – it is a state of mind – it is a choice to be at peace to be present to be in this moment.

Heaven means no judgment. Heaven means Islam (surrender or loving acceptance).

Heaven is Shalom (peace).

Heaven is love.

Heaven is the eternal now.

Heaven is…


Near the end of the day:

The decision is still a change of the state of the mind. It is an alteration of attitudes. It is in the words of A Course of Miracles letting go of fear (hell) and allowing unconditional love.

You may have heard a world where the forks and spoons are more than a yard long and you have to always eat with them. The foods are the best foods in the universe. This world is hell when people try to feed themselves (impossible with the long forks and spoons) and heaven is when they feed each other (easy with the long forks and spoons).


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