Let grievances be replaced by miracles

This post was written by DoctorJay on January 30, 2010
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OK this is total crap and that’s the miracle that it’s perfect. I just wrote the original version of this post for an hour when I have no time and I lost it all. And I was being so poetic or is pathetic – it’s been one of those two days.

So to start again – the last two days have been very hectic and very full of conflict and grievances. Not on my behalf but all around me and there was nothing I did that made things any better. Chances are that I did not make things any worse but there were people fighting each other being angry and hateful I suppose that’s all alright…

Here I need to write a myth but before an explanation of what I mean by myth. Myths do not have physical or historical truth but do have spiritual and psychological truth. So the central meaning of the myth of Genesis are that the universe was created as an evolving entity and human beings are made in the image of Divinity as male/female (or genderless) spiritual beings…

The omni myth

So the myth goes:

There was omni-being (you know all that crap like omnipotent, omniscient, all good and so on) who was doomed to exist forever (and the same way there are many infinities – read Canter – there are many eternities and this is the largest eternity say aleph-aleph-eternity) being doomed and damned to boredom.

Just imagine you can do anything and have anything for ever and ever and ever. So omni-sad.

So this super being decides to split up to an infinity of pieces. Each piece is in fact stil an omni-being with all the power the original had. Even more boring. You may say infinitely more boring. Until they forget…

Now they are limited and they have problems…


The four review thoughts for the two days are:

I am entitled to miracles
Let miracles replace all grievances
Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved
Let me recognize my problems have been solved

I did the exercises in a weird way as I had no time. I did them while walking around. I kept repeating I deserve miracles (and variations on the other review ideas) and nothing happened until all hell broke lose with anger and disgruntlement. And there was nothing I could do to make things better.

Then tonight I felt very hyper and happy and all was alright. Even losing the one hour of the original version of this post was OK. So that’s when I remembered the above myth of creation of our dream of separation.

We are weak (well we imagine it) because we have forgotten who we are but that’s good. We have problems and nothing wrong with that. We have grievances and so on…

Earthquakes happen. Innocent people die. Human beings are so cruel and unloving. We are so greedy and that is all by design…

Anyway, tomorrow the series goes back with new ideas.


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