There is no will but God’s

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Day seventy four and this is so obvious to me both intellectually and emotionally. As I explained yesterday if God is omnipotent and the all creator all is according to God’s will.

From ACIM workbook for today:

The idea for today can be regarded as the central thought toward which all our exercises are directed. God’s is the only Will. When you have recognized this, you have recognized that your will is His. The belief that conflict is possible has gone. Peace has replaced the strange idea that you are torn by conflicting goals…

Begin the longer practice periods by repeating these thoughts several times, slowly and with firm determination to understand what they mean, and to hold them in mind:

There is no will but God’s. I cannot be in conflict.

Then spend several minutes in adding some related thoughts, such as:

I am at peace.
Nothing can disturb me.
My will is God’s.
My will and God’s are one.
God wills peace for His Son.

During this introductory phase, be sure to deal quickly with any conflict thoughts that may cross your mind. Tell yourself immediately:

There is no will but God’s.
These conflict thoughts are meaningless.

If there is one conflict area that seems particularly difficult to resolve, single it out for special consideration. Think about it briefly but very specifically, identify the particular person or persons and the situation or situations involved, and tell yourself:

There is no will but God’s. I share it with Him.
My conflicts about _____ cannot be real.

After you have cleared your mind in this way, close your eyes and try to experience the peace to which your reality entitles you. Sink into it and feel it closing around you…

In the shorter periods, which should be undertaken at regular and predetermined intervals today, say to yourself:

There is no will but God’s. I seek His peace today.

Then try to find what you are seeking. A minute or two every half an hour, with eyes closed if possible, would be well spent on this today.

First long practice period:

  • Just thinking about today’s thought made me calm, relaxed and at peace.
  • With God’s will all is well.
  • I remembered the word Inshallah which is one of the favorite sayings of Muslims. It means, “God willing.”
    So everything is “Inshallah…”
    It immediately admits that there is no will but God’s.
  • After closing my eyes I went very deep and all disappeared…
    I felt at peace, happy and all was well.
  • Later, I noticed I was repeating the prayer affirmation:
    “Not my will, but let thy will be done.”

Later as I had to run some important errands it was one of those very rare rainy days in Southern California and there were various delays and events which could have been frustrationg. I just smiled and let my will be aligned with God’s will and allow any potential conflict just wash away to be replaced by calm and peace. I smiled at all that I met and they smiled back at me and went out of their way to help me.

In the afternoon I was in a DMV (department of motor vehicles) line for more than three hours. Owing to the financial mess we are in California, the government has laid off huge number of employees and the office ice closed on Fridays. So the lines are much, much longer than they used to be. Therefore, many people were complaining and fed up as they were not used to such long lines.

I just thought that there’s no will but God’s and remained at peace. I just observed the people and sent them love and the peace of God.

I was concerned that one of the forms that I had downloaded from Internet may not be the right form. I covered the situation with God’s will and God’s unconditional love. I handed the form and smiled. The gentleman behind the counter was not sure it was the right form – even with the love, the will, and the peace of God, I really was not looking forward to getting back in the line for another three hours tomorrow. He talked to his manager and the manager accepted the form and I got my Car Sales License. I’m starting a new career on Monday – more about that later…

Second long practice – actually a long walking meditation while thinking about today’s thought:

  • As I was thinking there’s no will but God’s the stars looked even more beautiful, more miraculous than usual…
    A tiny editorial comment – those who do not understand science and believe in the literal truth of some mistranslation of books written hundreds and thousands of years ago are missing so much of the majesty of the Divine. At the same time any scientist who is not spiritual in the way Einstein was and does not see the awe of the creation is missing out from the beauty of science.
    As for me one of the most spiritual feelings I ever got from a building was when visiting the Mount Palomar Observatory. I have visited many huge Cathedrals, Churches, Mosques, Temples but none connected me to the Spirit as much as that space. To each his own…
  • As I felt the peace of God and the love of God everything looked so much better.
  • With every breath I was thanking God and feeling happy.
  • While I was with God’s will I felt no fears, I had no worries…
    All was at peace.

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