Let go and let God’s peace cover the universe

This post was written by DoctorJay on January 26, 2010
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Again I’m doing two of the review days together.  I am sick and have spent a lot of time in bed for the last day. I was going to write I am suffering from a sickness and then I changed my mind. The miracle is not that when you are spiritual you do not get sick. It is not that you do not ache and you do not grieve when you have loss. It is that by understanding these review thoughts you know that whatever happens is part of God’s plan so you accept then more easily:

Only God’s plan for salvation will work.
Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.
I will there be light.
There is no will but God’s.

First long review period:

  • My nose is running and I keep sneezing as I do the exercise.
    I intuit, “Understand that just because you don’t understand does not mean that it is God’s purpose and meaning.”
    I suddenly think about the germs which are multiplying in my body. I think how I’m giving them nourishment. Knowing that whatever I have is not life threatening, I send then unconditional love and ask them to reduce their numbers by tomorrow evening (tomorrow is my day off and I can afford to stay in bed.
    I remember that the Jains in India walk while brooming in front of them so they don’t even kill an ant. I’m eating chicken soup while I write this. I’m a mostly vegetarian but will eat meat on occasion.
    The real point here is acceptance of whatever happens as God’s will and therefor good even though we are clueless why.
    I think it only makes sense if there is reincarnation and we as the only begotten child of God choose the type of life we live depending on what we need to learn.

Second long review period:

  • Not much came – I just saw lights.
    At this moment I cannot remember of any grievances.
  • Actually this might be a good time to make a comment.
    Last week I started my new job of selling cars different from science (my academic background) and software engineering (my professional background until my niche was outsourced to globalization). Anyway the point I wish to write about is that so many people talk behind other people’s backs. I listen and say nothing. I do not wish to add to the grievances.
    The Hippocratic oath has a part saying, “First do no harm.” Gossiping is doing wrong. So if you give love to all at least you don’t make the situation worse.

Third long review period:

  • When your will is God’s will you can only will there be light.
  • I did a meditation on the light before even reading today’s ACIM workbook. I saw beautiful bright light as I do whenever I do this meditation.
  • I intuited, “The light is.”
    I think that means that whatever is, is the light.
    This is like Zen Buddhism which teaches acceptance of what is and Islam which means surrender to the will of God and in Christianity there is, “Not my will but let thy will be done.”
  • I suddenly heard the prayer, “Be still and know that I am God.”
    Two parts: Be still – get rid of the monkey mind – the incessant chatter of the conscious mind – EGO = Edging God Out…
    So meditate to get into the stillness state and know –
    I am God – once the darkness of the ego disappears the light can come in – the light is the natural state – I (the only begotten) am God.

Fourth review period:

  • It seems I already did this when I was meditating on the light.
    I must have unconsciously known what the next meditation was about – actually perhaps it’s because that is the natural order of things: when you will there be light you notice that there is only God’s will and God’s will is peace, love, happiness, forgiveness.
  • God’s will is whatever happens.
  • God’s will is the light.

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