Anything that God produces is good

This post was written by DoctorJay on August 15, 2010
Posted Under: A Course In Miracles

I just heard the idea,  “Anything that God produces is good,” on an audio as a belief of many mystics. In fact it is a belief that I have when in deep, deep meditation and a state of union with God.

The new thing that I had not thought of in relations to ‘A Course in Miracles,” is that everything that is has been created from God and is hence good. So our challenge is to see the good in anything.

It is not that as ACIM states God did not create this illness, war, whatever, so it is not real but that God did create this illness, war, whatever so it is good and let’s find out why and how it is good.

This allows us to be positive paranoids in the words of Zig Ziglar. He says that a paranoid thinks everyone is conspiring to harm him.  A positive paranoiac thinks that everything and  everyone is conspiring to help her.

So with this new and different understanding of the statements in ACIM I can restart the workbook.

Tomorrow I’ll do lesson 153.

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