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I just did the first exercise of the day and I want to write about it before I forget:

  • I have believed for a long time that we are dreams in the mind of God so thinking that God is the Mind with which I think is simple for me. Again being trained as a scientist and hence highly analytical I applied the thought of the day to all my thoughts. As far as I’m concerned what is an illusion is that “I” exist apart from God. I was thinking that all my thoughts are in the mind of God and hence are sacred. So when negative thoughts were to intrude they would be holy too and accepted like any other thoughts. As it happened no negative thoughts intruded as I was thinking the above thoughts.
    Then I remembered a Sufi story about Eblis (Satan):

    • The normal story of the fall in Islam is that after God created Adam out of clay (the element earth) he gave him life by blowing into his nostrils (the element air – gave him of his own spirit), God asked all the angels to prostrate themselves in front of Adam, they all obeyed except Eblis who was proud and said, “Why should I with a subtle body made of fire, bow down in front of that thing made of the gross element earth?” It was his pride which made him fall. This story is similar to the Christian idea of Satan rebelling against God out of pride.
    • The Sufi story I remembered while thinking, “God is the Mind with which I think,” turns the above story around. It starts the same way but Eblis refuses to prostrate himself in front of Adam out of love of God. He loves God so much that he can only prostrate himself to God. So God sends him to hell by saying, “Get thee away from my sight.” For the lover this is the worst hell to be separated from the beloved. The Sufi asks the question, “How does Eblis sustain the pain of eternal separation?” The answer the Sufi gives is that the sound of the voice beloved telling him to go to hell sustains him and keeps him happy for eternity.
      Understand the love that the Sufi talks about is the love of the creation for the Creator and the lover is the mystic and the beloved is God.

    So I was thinking that God is the Mind with which I think and that all my thoughts good or bad are holy thoughts and to be cherished as thoughts of God.This is not a license to have negative thoughts and deeds but to accept whatever is. It is interesting that this acceptance makes the negative thoughts disappear and become irrelevant. So a certain thought which was worrying yesterday is today just a thought.
    I’m not sure how long my current state will last but I’ll take it for as long as it’s there.
    Thank you Lord.

Now I can write a little about what the ACIM workbook says about today:

[] your real thoughts [] are nothing that you think you think, just as nothing that you think you see is related to vision in any way…

You think with the Mind of God. []  As you are part of His Mind, so are your thoughts part of His Mind.

Where, then, are your real thoughts? Today we will attempt to reach them. We will have to look for them in your mind, because that is where they are. They must still be there, because they cannot have left their source. What is thought by the Mind of God is eternal, being part of creation.

Have at least three practice periods today, each lasting three to five minutes..

Our three five-minute practice periods for today will take the same general form that we used in applying yesterday’s idea. We will attempt to leave the unreal and seek for the real. We will deny the world in favor of truth. We will not let the thoughts of the world hold us back. We will not let the beliefs of the world tell us that what God would have us do is impossible. Instead, we will try to recognize that only what God would have us do is possible

Begin the exercises for today by repeating the idea to yourself, closing your eyes as you do so. Then spend a fairly short period in thinking a few relevant thoughts of your own, keeping the idea in mind. After you have added some four or five thoughts of your own to the idea, repeat it again and tell yourself gently:

My real thoughts are in my mind. I would like to find them.

Then try to go past all the unreal thoughts that cover the truth in your mind, and reach to the eternal.

Under all the senseless thoughts and mad ideas with which you have cluttered up your mind are the thoughts that you thought with God in the beginning. They are there in your mind now, completely unchanged. They will always be in your mind, exactly as they always were. Everything you have thought since then will change, but the Foundation on which it rests is wholly changeless.

It is this Foundation toward which the exercises for today are directed. Here is your mind joined with the Mind of God. Here are your thoughts one with His. For this kind of practice only one thing is necessary; approach it as you would an altar dedicated in Heaven to God the Father and to God the Son…

After writing the above I had to rush seventy miles and about fifty miles back to take my wife to the doctor’s office. So I had this one hundred and twenty mile trip to do with a deadline. The first thing that happened is that a truck was slowing down everyone by driving slowly in the fast lane. It took about ten minutes to slowly over take him on the slower lane and then all was clear for the next ten miles or so. I was thinking about God is the mind with which I think as I passed him and noticed the stupidity of allowing this slow down frustrate me.

As soon as I applied the thought for today I felt a great relief and thanked God for giving me the truck to show me what I needed to learn at exactly the right time. As I continued on my journey there were other traffic challenges including red lights which would not change for a long, long time. Again I kept thinking that God is the mind with which I think and I would calm down.

In fact in spite of all the challenges all was alright and I managed to get back in time to take my wife to the doctor’s office and we got there just in time before the doctor had to leave.

An interesting thing was that while I was driving I was thinking that God is the mind with which I think all my thoughts including those thoughts you can hardly admit you have let alone telling anyone else about them. God is the lowest most negative thoughts we can have. God is in all my worries, anxieties, desperation and similar thoughts. This made the thoughts less negative.

Anyway, this must be time to do the second long exercise –

  • My mind was filled with chaos about all sorts of challenges I have. The hosting company challenge continues. Chances are I’ll have to bite the bullet and change that hosting company – this sit is not hosted with them. It is a long laborious affair which takes time, so I’m hoping not to have to do it.
    And also a company is charging me for a monthly fee for something I canceled. The problem is that they have no phone number and I may have to go to my credit card company for help. Again more hassles.
    So these chaotic thoughts were crossing my mind while I was thinking God is the mind with which I think. This did not stop the thoughts but made them loving and not dangerous.

And finally the last exercise of the night –

  • Interesting time seems to go slower. I was in this meditation for eight minutes but it seemed like thirty.
    The light is on in the room but when I looked toward it, it appeared brighter with my eyes shut than open.
    All sorts of thoughts and images crossed my mind but I cannot remember any.

So it’s time to sleep – peace…

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