My only function is the one God gave me

This post was written by DoctorJay on January 4, 2010
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From ACIM workbook for today:

The idea for today reaffirms your commitment to salvation. It also reminds you that you have no function other than that. Both these thoughts are obviously necessary for a total commitment…

Today, and for a number of days to follow, set aside ten to fifteen minutes for a more sustained practice period, in which you try to understand and accept what the idea for the day really means..

Try, if possible, to undertake the daily extended practice periods at approximately the same time each day. [] This is part of the long-range disciplinary training your mind needs, so that the Holy Spirit can use it consistently for the purpose He shares with you.

For the longer practice period, begin by reviewing the idea for the day. Then close your eyes, repeat the idea to yourself once again, and watch your mind carefully to catch whatever thoughts cross it. At first, make no attempt to concentrate only on thoughts related to the idea for the day. Rather, try to uncover each thought that arises to interfere with it. Note each one as it comes to you, with as little involvement or concern as possible, dismissing each one by telling yourself:

This thought reflects a goal that is preventing me from
accepting my only function.

The above is basically a form of mantra mediation where you concentrate on a single word, phrase, or in this case the thought of the day and when you notice that thoughts enter your mind you point your awareness back to the thought of the day.

I just did the long meditation exercise. It lasted eighteen minutes. All sorts of thoughts, fantasies, memories crossed my mind. As I noticed each intruding thought crossing my mind, I returned back to the thought of the day which changed in forms like:

  • I have only one function in life and that’s to be the light onto the world.
  • My function is God’s function for me.
  • I am the salvation of the world.
  • God’s function for me is my function for life
  • My function is to forgive all.
  • I’m compassion.
  • My function is to love all and be of service to all.

I just allowed my unconscious mind to come up with versions of today’s thought of the day.

The rest of the day went well. I could be kinder and gentler toward all including myself. I also kept saying my favorite prayer, “Not my will but let thy will be done.”

This admits that my only function is the one God gave me without presuming that I’m clever enough to know exactly what is that function. I have clues – kindness, unconditional love, service, forgiveness.

However, I don’t want to prejudge God in case she/he has a different plan for me.

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