Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world

This post was written by DoctorJay on January 1, 2010
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Today being the first day of January and coincidentally the first day the new decade, I did the practice from A Course in Miracles workbook slightly differently. My normal daily ritual is that the first thing I do after my morning toiletries I read the ACIM workbook practice of the day. I then write about it and continue to write about my experiences with the workbook exercise and either late in the evening or last thing before going to sleep I post the article.

Traditionally, on January first we watch the Roses’ Parade on KTLA.

So this afternoon I read today’s thought of the day. I was so glad that it was a day of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the linchpin of all my change work and I have seen many major and minor synchronicities thanks to forgiving.

So this being the first day of the new decade I was so happy to have such a wonderful thought for the day.

From ACIM workbook:

As often as you can, closing your eyes if possible, say to yourself today:

Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.
I would fulfill my function that I may be happy.

Then devote a minute or two to considering your function and the happiness and release it will bring you. Let related thoughts come freely, for your heart will recognize these words, and in your mind is the awareness they are true. Should your attention wander, repeat the idea and add:

I would remember this because I want to be happy.

I did as suggested a few times and then I did an extremely deep higher self meditation. Here, you first do an extreme deep self hypnosis and then get in touch with your higher self. As I was doing this I saw this bright light which got brighter and brighter. I literally felt as though I was the light of the world.

As I became more and more relaxed my connection to my body became weaker and weaker – OK, I was aware at all time that I had a body – it’s just that my body was exceptionally numb…

At the same time my connection to the light within (the Spirit) became stronger and stronger. The light became more and more intense. I went through my own life, remembering events large, small, and tiny. I forgave others and more importantly I forgave myself for the thousands of times I have failed myself.

Then I disappeared (I mean my personal history) and I started forgiving beyond the personal and the light became more intense and then…

About an hour or so had passed. I came to. I was in a boat.  It was calm. Then the captain or someone said, “It can suddenly be stormy…”

The boat was thrown about in an almighty storm and then once I had my normal awareness (it was like a dream) the water was calm again. I regained my consciousness…

It was time to end that meditation. I brought myself from the higher self state to self-hypnosis and then back to waking consciousness.

It was wonderful and exceptionally deep. It was apt for today…

Namaste – means the divinity in me salutes the divinity in you.

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