No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth

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This is a truism on multiple mutable  levels.

I don’t always like to deconstruct these thoughts of the day – today is the perfect day to look at these words deeply:

  • No – will return to this later on.
  • One – the magic word for a radical monist like me.
  • no one – what does this mean?
    How can no one fail?
    Is no one related to nobody (the name Odysseus used when he blinded the Cyclops Polyphemus).
    So perhaps no one is the brother of nobody and failure is the equivalent being captured by Polyphemus…
  • Can – is able to.
  • Fail – what is failure?
    According to tenants of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) there is no such thing as failure – only results.
  • Who –  goes back to the concept of I and who is the I which seeks and so on.
    I know the person who imagines is writing this is illusory, but who is that I which knows that this I is an illusion.
  • Seeks – seek and you shall find.
  • To – forget it for now.
    And same for the word the two words down the line.
  • Reach – reach out and touch someone.
    It is a kinesthetic word.
  • Truth!
    Ah but what is the truth – with apologies and love to that great Christian martyr Pontius Pilot.
    Suppose this needs an explanation:
    Some Christians claim that human beings needed Jesus to be sacrificed in order for humanity to be forgiven.
    They also claim that Pilot is in hell for executing Jesus (and saving them).
    Moreover, they think that Jesus is God.
    Add all these together – doing anything is simple for God. So the whole self sacrifice was a play acting from Jesus-God’s point of view – no big deal, but Pilot had to martyr himself and rot in hell so these people could be saved.
  • Truth – part two.
    Is there anything such as truth? Plato thinks so. I’m not sure…
    OK two plus two is and is that by definition and hence a mere tautology?
    I know all Euclidean geometry is supposed to be derived from the six or so postulates and most probably two plus two come from number theory but then this is already part two and it makes sense I’m writing about two plus two.
    Anyway, Plato said numbers are real and hence have independent truth. In fact according to Plato they are as true or have as much truth as anything.
    With all due respect to Plato I’m not sure…

From ACIM workbook for today (my comments in parenthesis):

Failure is all about you while you seek for goals that cannot be achieved (who says – I can seek goal which can be achieved). You look for permanence in the impermanent (not necessarily), for love where there is none, for safety in the midst of danger; immortality within the darkness of the dream of death (I for one am not scared of death – I don’t know if I’m immortal – depends on which I you are talking about – I’m more concerned about life not death)…

Why wait for Heaven? It is here today. Time is the great illusion it is past or in the future. Yet this cannot be, if it is where God wills His Son to be. How could the Will of God be in the past, or yet to happen? What He wills is now, without a past and wholly futureless. It is as far removed from time as is a tiny candle from a distant star, or what you chose from what you really want.

Heaven remains your one alternative to this strange world you made and all its ways; its shifting patterns and uncertain goals, its painful pleasures and its tragic joys. God made no contradictions. What denies its own existence and attacks itself is not of Him. He did not make two minds, with Heaven as the glad effect of one, and earth the other’s sorry outcome which is Heaven’s opposite in every way.

God does not suffer conflict. Nor is His creation split in two. How could it be His Son could be in hell, when God Himself established him in Heaven? Could he lose what the Eternal Will has given him to be his home forever? Let us not try longer to impose an alien will upon God’s single purpose. He is here because He wills to be, and what He wills is present now, beyond the reach of time.

Today we will not choose a paradox in place of truth. How could the Son of God make time to take away the Will of God? He thus denies himself, and contradicts what has no opposite. He thinks he made a hell opposing Heaven, and believes that he abides in what does not exist, while Heaven is the place he cannot find.

Leave foolish thoughts like these behind today, and turn your mind to true ideas instead. No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth, and it is truth we seek to reach today. We will devote ten minutes to this goal three times today, and we will ask to see the rising of the real world to replace the foolish images that we hold dear, with true ideas arising in the place of thoughts that have no meaning, no effect, and neither source nor substance in the truth.

This we acknowledge as we start upon our practice periods. Begin with this:

I ask to see a different world, and think a different kind of
thought from those I made. The world I seek I did not make
alone, the thoughts I want to think are not my own.

For several minutes watch your mind and see, although your eyes are closed, the senseless world you think is real. Review the thoughts as well which are compatible with such a world, and which you think are true. Then let them go, and sink below them to the holy place where they can enter not. There is a door beneath them in your mind, which you could not completely lock to hide what lies beyond.

Seek for that door and find it. But before you try to open it, remind yourself no one can fail who seeks to reach the truth. And it is this request you make today. Nothing but this has any meaning now; no other goal is valued now nor sought, nothing before this door you really want, and only what lies past it do you seek.

Put out your hand, and see how easily the door swings open with your one intent to go beyond it. Angels light the way, so that all darkness vanishes, and you are standing in a light so bright and clear that you can understand all things you see. A tiny moment of surprise, perhaps, will make you pause before you realize the world you see before you in the light reflects the truth you knew, and did not quite forget in wandering away in dreams.

You cannot fail today. There walks with you the Spirit Heaven sent you, that you might approach this door some day, and through His aid slip effortlessly past it, to the light. Today that day has come. Today God keeps His ancient promise to His holy Son, as does His Son remember his to Him. This is a day of gladness, for we come to the appointed time and place where you will find the goal of all your searching here, and all the seeking of the world, which end together as you pass beyond the door.

Remember often that today should be a time of special gladness, and refrain from dismal thoughts and meaningless laments. Salvation’s time has come. Today is set by Heaven itself to be a time of grace for you and for the world. If you forget this happy fact, remind yourself with this:

Today I seek and find all that I want.
My single purpose offers it to me.
No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.


As a piece of synchronicity as I write this I’m listening to a hypnosis/NLP/persuasion audio and the instructor is saying that one of the most powerful things that would radically alter humanity is the understanding that there are no failures but only learnings which goes back to where I started.

Even so my experience with the practices of today:

  • Not much happened in the first exercise. I’m leaving my work (as a car sales person) which has been a purgatory and was great for my spirituality. There were so many opportunities for forgiveness. So the monkey mind is difficult to calm. I’m deciding how to write my resignation letter and whether to talk about the problems of the dealership.
  • Eventually I managed to make thoughts of this world disappear and saw wonderful lights before all memory of what happened next ceased.

Last notes – I’m still not sure about the existence of any such thing as the truth. Again it is a matter of whether anything absolute exists and if human consciousness can perceive such an absolute truth. It is no body (pure unadulterated discarnated consciousness) who may perceive the truth if such thing exists. It is thus apt that all disappears in these meditations.

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