All things are echoes of the Voice for God

This post was written by DoctorJay on July 6, 2010
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I have started the A Course in Miracles workbook again.

But as I mentioned I’ll do it my own way. Today’s thought is:

All things are echoes of the Voice for God

This is like the idea I have had that the phenomenal reality is all dreams in the mind of God.

I was telling a friend about a mystical experience I had many years ago when all duality ceased for an eternal instant and I was (what I called at the time) face to face with God.

I observed (later) the following from my experience of that moment:

  • You cannot get away from the here and now – the eternal now is all that exists – you can fool yourself into imagining that you are not aware of it but the Ultimate Reality is there all the time.
  • Whereas the ego (which is aware of consensus day-to-day reality) thinks it is in control, the reality is just the watcher – real awareness – pure consciousness with no judgments – ACIM workbook for today says:
    No one can judge on partial evidence
    . That is not judgment. It is merely an opinion based on ignorance and doubt. Its seeming certainty is but a cloak for the uncertainty it would conceal. It needs irrational defense because it is irrational. And its defense seems strong, convincing, and without a doubt because of all the doubting underneath.
    The pure consciousness watcher is like watching a movie. Sure you get caught in the vicissitudes of life’s ups and downs – but deep down you know it’s only a game (maya means game and illusion comes from  the Latin root of Ludere which means game or to play).
  • Since I was “face to face” with God, I have not been afraid of death. This is something that most who are revived after clinical death (all of those who have the traditional near-death experience) say too.
  • I came to believe that there’s only one entity (radical monism) and since we are all one I realized that I can only forgive myself and I could only harm or be kind to myself.

Actually as I look at the title of this post I’m not sure I agree with it.  All things are not merely echoes of the Voice for God but are actually the Voice of God – all things are vibration and the Voice of God is the Om or Aum of the Hindu and Buddhist mantras…

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