Day one – nothing I see means anything

This post was written by DoctorJay on November 1, 2009
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A Course in Miracles has three sections:

  1. The text – this the actual theory on which the whole system rests.
  2. The workbook – I’ll be doing this and reporting on my progress in the next year.
  3. Manual for teachers.

At times I’ll also mention parts from the two other sections (1 and 3).

So let’s start with day one:

“Nothing I see in this room [on this street, from this window, in this place] means anything.”

have gone through this exercise quite a few times. I look around my room in the morning and say this book does not mean anything. I’m a book lover so saying this book does not mean anything is ironic – in retrospect as I write these pieces at the end of the day or early next morning.

I go to the next thing I see and that is a pattern on the carpet.  I say, “This pattern does not mean anything. This time there is no doubt. The pattern does not mean anything and yet is apparent. It is not there. It only exists in my mind.

I continue looking at this and that and saying that whatever I see does not mean anything. As the book says you are not supposed to do this exercise too long at this time. However, I have done this first exercise so many times before that I risk spending more than a minute on the morning exercise.

In the evening I walk and see things far and near and mention that they each mean nothing…

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