Day 9 – I see nothing as it is now.

This post was written by DoctorJay on November 9, 2009
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As “A Course in Miracles” says the idea for today naturally follows from those of the previous two days – if I only see the past and my thoughts are preoccupied with the past I cannot see anything as it is now.

So I’ll apply the thought for today and report later.

After writing the above I went for a walk:

  • I do not see this tree as it is now.
  • I do not see this hand as it is now.
  • I do not see that house as it is now.
  • I do not see the sun as it is now.
    As i was saying this I remembered thousands of sunsets and sunrises and other aspects of the sun each leaving different memories.

Later as I was cleaning the garage I threw away many software engineering books (my old profession before it was outsourced). Even if I could get another software engineering job the books are obsolete. Again memories, some good, some not so good – but all:

  • I do not see this book as it is now.
  • I do  not see this other book as it is now.
  • I do not see this garage door as it is now.

I consult the I Ching – but of course I do not see the I Ching or the hexagrams as they are now.

I’m about to go to the library to return some books – I will not see the library as it will be then…

In the library I skimmed quickly through a New Scientist (British science weekly) – as it happened there was an article about time. It described an experiment where the subjects learned to play a simple video game where you controlled an airplane with a mouse. After the test subjects became familiar with the game the software was changed so that there was a delay of 0.2 seconds between the mouse movement and the plane movement.

At first the players controlled the movement of the plane with less precision, but soon their brains adjusted for the delay and not only they controlled the planes as well as before but also they saw the movement of the planes simultaneously with the movement of the mouse (thus they saw .02 seconds earlier as now). This in itself was interesting enough and proof of the physical truth of these last few days’ exercises of A Course in Miracles to do with the past and time.

Now the interesting point is that when the scientists restored the software to the original no delay version the subjects who were acclimatised to the delayed software imagined that the plane was controlling the movement of their hands and not the other way round – again proving we see nothing as it is now.

I did a couple of more runs of thought of the day but not much more happened.


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