Day 7 – I see only the past

This post was written by DoctorJay on November 8, 2009
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The book mentions that today’s thought “I see only the past” is particularly difficult to believe at first.

Given my background (you see we perceive the present through the filter of the past) it is self evident.  After all light has a finite speed (very fast by daily standards but still finite). So by definition we see the past. So if an object is about twelve inches away from the eye, it takes about a nanosecond for the light to hit the retina and then the neurons carry the signal from the eyes to the visual cortex and we become conscious about half a second later so at best we are half a second behind.

But A Course in Miracles does not mean this physical seeing the past. There is also the psychological aspects of seeing the past.  As I mentioned we perceieve the present through the filter of the past. So as I’m typing this piece there is every keyboard and monitor and typewrite and even pen, pencil, paper and so on (all from the past) in this keuboard and the act of writing.

Now, when I’m talking to a person there’s even more baggage and the past. So once again I only see the past.


I did the four practice sessions today and did not get any special feelings.

However, perhaps independently of whatever else was going on, I ended the day with a huge feeling of depression. I thought about suicidal ideation (I was thinking about killing myself on camera and video taping everything – editing all the preplanning stages and just doing the suicide at the end with minimum amount of editing needed to complete the work – piece of art.

The whole thing was so ridiculous that I suppose it got me over my bad mood.

So I did a final practice session before going to sleep:

  • I see only the past in this post.
  • I see only the past in this towel.
  • I see only the past in this apple – who cares it still tastes great.
  • I see only the past in this book.
  • I see only the past in my image in the mirror.
I see only the past

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