No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth

This is a truism on multiple mutable  levels. I don’t always like to deconstruct these thoughts of the day – today is the perfect day to look at these words deeply: No – will return to this later on. One – the magic word for a radical monist like me. no one – what does […]

I rest in God’s peace

What do we want? Many answers: I want to be rich. I want a new Bentley. I want a Mansion. I want to Go to Egypt. I want my children to be happy. Now ask why you want to be rich and so on. Whatever answer you get ask why that and then again why […]

God’s peace and joy are mine

In order to increase peace and joy we have to understand that the universe is made of information and is thus unlimited. Thus a limp of coal and a rough diamond, and a brilliant cut diamond are all the same matter but their information is different and so is their value. However, we value matter […]

Salvation comes from my one Self

Interesting day: I was supposed to drive seventy miles to Hollywood from Dana Point to donate blood at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA0 and then continue on another five to ten miles to Glendale to get a hair cut and see a friend. I left aboput five minutes earlier than I had planed so I […]

Love created me like itself

One of the best definitions of God, Ultimate Reality, the Source and so on is Love. Love is the reason the universe exists. Also remember in Genesis is written that the Creator created us in own male/female image (thus agreeing with Jungian psychology that we all have male and female aspects no matter what our […]

I can give up my attack thoughts and see anew

Christmas day – day fifty five and another review day –  from seeing thing anew to giving up attack thoughts – from ACIM worknook for today’s review (my comments in Italics): (21) I am determined to see things differently. [] I am determined to see the witnesses to the truth in me, rather than those […]

Sometimes I wish to help a cat but it is impossible

One of neighbors would bring female cats for their children and would not bother to spade them. Eventually we would do that after we would notice a littler of kittens. Later they would give away whichever kittens they could and not look after the remainder. We would get these left over cats neutered and feed […]

I have no neutral thoughts

We continue on our long, long journey away from Plato’s cave of illusions toward the awesome (the light is so strong it is wonderful and fills you with awe, reverence, respect, love) sunshine world of reality. The workbook continues with: “The idea for today is a beginning step in dispelling the belief that your thoughts […]

God did not create a meaningless world

Today we start with positive ideas – it’s as though we are getting to the part of Plato’s cave where we can see glimmers of the outside world. Until now everything has been negative – it has been waking up to the meaninglessness of normal consensus reality. In terms of the myth of the cave […]

A meaningless world engenders fear

The book continues with: “Actually, a meaningless world is impossible. Nothing without meaning exists.” That’s the catch twenty two of this section of the workbook. If all is meaningless, then meaninglessness in itself is meaningless. To a great extent Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching says it best when it says: The ultimate reality that can […]