The beginningness created the gods, heavens and earths

This is dedicated to fundamentalists of all religions: May the Creator grant you some intelligence I’ll write about Christian fundamentalists since I know more about the Bible than other holy books. The main thrust of this article applies to others as well. Points about the old testament: It was written in Hebrew without any vowels, […]

The power of decision is my own

When I read the thought for today I liked it very much for it reminded me of responsibility if by that we mean response-ability. That is to say we, and we alone can face up to the vicissitudes of life and respond to whatever happens. In fact from an existentialist philosophy point of view, we […]

Who is it who knows the ego is an illusion

A Course in Miracles and all other mystical systems I know of talks about the ego (normal conscious awareness that we associate with – that’s to say “I”). So then I write, “I know that I do not exist.” The sentence is nonsensical in English as is the phrase, “Life after death.” Yet we understand […]

is the universe a friendly place?

Day fifty six and the ACIM reviews have at last reached God. These I love and can use all the time (my comments in Italics): (26) My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability. How can I know who I am when I see myself as under constant attack? [] perfect security and complete fulfillment are […]

Pantheism vs. panentheism

Today’s thought for the day is: God is in everything I see. So the question my be is this pantheism or panentheism? Before even attempting to answer the question we have to understand what the terms mean. Pantheism is the idea that all (Pan) is God (theism). And the reverse is true. God is all. […]