I thank my Father for His gifts to me

Someone once said every second above the ground is sacred and a gift of God which is best appreciated. Such an attitude of gratitude brings peace and bliss in our lives. By having such thankful feelings we find it easier to forgive apparent transgressions by our brothers and sisters. From ACIM workbook for today: Today […]

To give and to receive are one in truth

The way I do these exercises and posts is to start by typing the headline and then think about the associations it produces. I write about those and then read the full workbook exercise and start doing them and write appropriate comments. So today’s thought for the day becomes a riddle: “What is it that […]

My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation

Day one hundred of this quest and today I’ll be full of joy and happiness. In the same way that our earthly parents want us to be happy and are joyful when we are, imagine how much more our heavenly parent desires happiness for us. According to the ACIM workbook today is to be dedicated […]

The light has come

Today is a break through day – as I’m writing this the audio I’m listening says, “Today’s the day!” How’s that for synchronicity as according to A Course in Miracles workbook today is the day the light has come: Our longer practice periods will be devoted to looking at the world that our forgiveness shows […]

There is no will but God’s

Day seventy four and this is so obvious to me both intellectually and emotionally. As I explained yesterday if God is omnipotent and the all creator all is according to God’s will. From ACIM workbook for today: The idea for today can be regarded as the central thought toward which all our exercises are directed. […]

My salvation comes from me

Today’s thought is self evident.  It is a matter of accepting responsibility for one’s existence and being. It is a truism under any system which has both the idea of salvation and free will. There are some religious sects like the Calvinists who believe that salvation comes from external sources (through grace) and that only […]

is the universe a friendly place?

Day fifty six and the ACIM reviews have at last reached God. These I love and can use all the time (my comments in Italics): (26) My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability. How can I know who I am when I see myself as under constant attack? [] perfect security and complete fulfillment are […]

I could see peace instead of this

Day thirty four from the workbook: Three longer practice periods are required for today’s exercises. One in the morning and one in the evening are advised, with an additional one to be undertaken at any time in between that seems most conducive to readiness. All applications should be done with your eyes closed. It is […]