Creator male female

What gender is the Spirit, the Ultimate Reality, the Creator, God or whatever else you call it? I used the word it so as not to prejudge the situation. In Persian we do not have he she or other gender based language constructs. So whenever I have asked the gender of God from people who […]

The greatest enemy

Paramahansa Yoganada writes in his book, “Man’s Eternal Quest:” “The greatest of all enemies of man is himself.” He continues that more than anything else we should fear ourselves when we are wrong. And as A Course in Miracles tells us we live in a world of illusions. We are constantly wrong when we are […]

Paramahansa Yogananda Quotes

Paramahansa Yogananda is famous for having written Autobiography of a Yogi and was the person who introduced the West to Kria Yoga. He started the Self Realization Fellowship organization. The SRF has a few Ashrams (temples) in Southern California as well as other parts of the USA. He was truly an enlightened person whom many […]