Aesthetical design

When the fundamentalist lost the battle about cretin nonsense (they call it creation science – it is not science and is sacrilegious to tellthe Ultimate Reality, God, Tao, the Creator how it/she should have created the universe) against evolution they tried to come back through the back door with a nearly as stupid idea as […]

Plato and the world of ideas

A few years ago I was taking a class in Persian mystical love poetry (Rumi and Hafiz). I left after a couple of years as I thought (rightly or wrongly) the teacher was influencing the students too much and it was becoming more like a cult. Anyway, as I had noticed that the main thrust […]

I don’t know

Is absolute knowledge possible? Plato thought so as do advocates of most religions and idiologies. I’m turned off from A Course in Miracles because it imagines that everything is the way it says and no other possibilities exist. I just wrote in a post about the present moment about Ram Dass saying that his favorite […]