Anything that God produces is good

I just heard the idea,  “Anything that God produces is good,” on an audio as a belief of many mystics. In fact it is a belief that I have when in deep, deep meditation and a state of union with God. The new thing that I had not thought of in relations to ‘A Course […]

Who is it who knows the ego is an illusion

A Course in Miracles and all other mystical systems I know of talks about the ego (normal conscious awareness that we associate with – that’s to say “I”). So then I write, “I know that I do not exist.” The sentence is nonsensical in English as is the phrase, “Life after death.” Yet we understand […]

Plato and the world of ideas

A few years ago I was taking a class in Persian mystical love poetry (Rumi and Hafiz). I left after a couple of years as I thought (rightly or wrongly) the teacher was influencing the students too much and it was becoming more like a cult. Anyway, as I had noticed that the main thrust […]

I don’t know

Is absolute knowledge possible? Plato thought so as do advocates of most religions and idiologies. I’m turned off from A Course in Miracles because it imagines that everything is the way it says and no other possibilities exist. I just wrote in a post about the present moment about Ram Dass saying that his favorite […]


Quite a while ago I stopped writing this and my other blogs. There were many reasons. I was moving and had to pack thousands of books and tapes (I’m a bookoholic) in boxes and take to storage and then I just procrastinated. However, I had stopped writing this blog a while earlier. I had started […]

Students and teachers

You must have  heard of the idea that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. In fact the opposite is just as true:  “When the teacher is ready the student will appear.” As far as A Course in Miracles is concerned the main teacher is the book itself. For example today ‘;m going […]

What’s in a word

I’m taking a little time off from this blog as I’m doing the review days. Will be back very soon with new thoughts of the day. One of the review days was about “I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.” I remember the first time I did this exercise I naturally removed […]

you are God’s gift to humanity

While I’m doing these review days I’ll use the time to just write ideas that come to mind thanks to doing A Course in Miracles workbook. Typically when people say that someone thinks that he’s God’s gift to humanity they are denigrating the person, however in reality every person who is born is God’s gift […]

Creator male female

What gender is the Spirit, the Ultimate Reality, the Creator, God or whatever else you call it? I used the word it so as not to prejudge the situation. In Persian we do not have he she or other gender based language constructs. So whenever I have asked the gender of God from people who […]

The greatest enemy

Paramahansa Yoganada writes in his book, “Man’s Eternal Quest:” “The greatest of all enemies of man is himself.” He continues that more than anything else we should fear ourselves when we are wrong. And as A Course in Miracles tells us we live in a world of illusions. We are constantly wrong when we are […]