Sickness is a defense against the truth

Today’s idea makes no sense to me. I don’t know what the purpose of sickness is. There are times when negative events serve great spiritual purpose. There are times that we do not learn the lesson of negative events. I do not believe the physical world does not exist. Often I think this is the […]

If I defend myself I am attacked

Continuing with day 135 of the ACIM workbook – from the book: Who would defend himself unless he thought he were attacked, that the attack were real, and that his own defense could save himself? And herein lies the folly of defense; it gives illusions full reality, and then attempts to handle them as real. […]

Let me perceive forgiveness as it is

From the workbook lesson for today: Let us review the meaning of “forgive,” for it is apt to be distorted and to be perceived as something that entails an unfair sacrifice of righteous wrath, a gift unjustified and undeserved, and a complete denial of the truth. In such a view, forgiveness must be seen as […]

I will not value what is valueless

Today’s thought is one I can get into. The last few days I got the impression that A Course in Miracles workbook was going towards denial of matter and this universe. I do not go for Platonic idealism and denial of the world as real. I think values of love, compassion, kindness and similar values […]

I loose the world from all I thought it was

The thoughts that matter are our attitudes. As far as I know peace, love, compassion, forgiveness are the things which change our perception of the world. I know (actually I know nothing) that A Course in Miracles if read literally implies that the physical world is a total illusion. I on the other hand think […]

It is impossible to see two worlds

Is it in reality? The paradoxical drawing of say the old and young lady or even a matchstick drawing of a cube may be seen in two ways. However you are not supposed to be able to see them simultaneously and yet it is possible for one to train oneself to see the two “contradictory” […]

Beyond this world there is a world I want

Today’s thought continues with yesterday’s and my immediate comment is the same: I want this world to be easier. I know that there are other ways of perceiving the world, and until I die this is the world I’m in. By going through A Course in Miracles workbook I have become a better more compassionate […]

The world I see holds nothing that I want

Let the phenomenal world disappear so the real universe may show itself… That is today’s theme and to an extent the whole theme of A Course in Miracles. It is like cleaning dirty windows to let in eternal light… From ACIM workbook: The world you see holds nothing that you need to offer you; nothing […]

There is no love but God’s

Since God is love there cannot be any love but God’s. Since God is all there can be no love but God’s. From ACIM workbook for today (my comments in parenthesis): Perhaps you think that different kinds of love are possible. Perhaps you think there is a kind of love for this, a kind for […]

All that I give is given to myself

Some of the claims in A Course in Miracles are alien to me. From the ACIM workbook for today: Today’s idea, completely alien to the ego and the thinking of the world, is crucial to the thought reversal that this course will bring about. If you believed this statement, there would be no problem in […]