Sometimes I wish to help a cat but it is impossible

This post was written by DoctorJay on December 14, 2009
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One of neighbors would bring female cats for their children and would not bother to spade them. Eventually we would do that after we would notice a littler of kittens. Later they would give away whichever kittens they could and not look after the remainder. We would get these left over cats neutered and feed them.

They are our “outside” cats. Our own cats, actually inherited from the neighbors litters but that’s for later, live a life of relative luxury with their own heated and air conditioned room. The outside cats unfortunately get plenty of food and reasonable shelter and a little petting but not enough.

Life is not fair.

Anyway, one of these outside cats was traumatized or something so we could never catch him to take him to the vet. He is a feral cat. We feed him. He is quite demanding when he is hungry but he never allows me to pet him. He did allow my wife to touch him before we went for our Christmas vacation but something happened when we were away even though we had a house sitter who was feeding the outdoor cats. So now he allows no one anywhere near him any more.

And that would be OK if he had not hurt himself. A few weeks ago it was raining cats and dogs (pun intended) and when we came home we noticed the feral cat had injured his right leg. We did not and still do not know if the leg is broken or sprained. We went to the vet and after much consultation decided two approaches. We got some tranquilizer pills just in case they would calm the poor cat enough to put him in a cage and bring him to the vet and some cortisone pills in case we could not catch him.

God helps those who help themselves.

I guessed the tranquilizer would not work. I think they tasted awful. I mixed two (he is huge cat and weighs about twenty pounds) pills in his food as well as a cortisone pill. Anyway he would only eat some and then went to lie in the sun. However, as I approached him he ran away. So I am feeding him the cortisone which he really does not like.

Free will sucks

The challenge is that he needs the cortisone but does not like the taste. So we have to keep him away from other food – normally he has different choices – so he get hungry enough to eat the food with the cortisone.

Coincidently the other cats have to be kept away while the cortisone mixed food is outside.

Sometimes we suffer even though it’s no fault of our own.


Above was originally written a while ago and was lost when I moved hosting company. I have found some of the posts and am placing them on the appropriate blogs.

Postscript – the cat managed to heal himself fully. He is still scared but allows us to go near him at times and comes and demands food when he is hungry.

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