The beginningness created the gods, heavens and earths

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This is dedicated to fundamentalists of all religions:

May the Creator grant you some intelligence

I’ll write about Christian fundamentalists since I know more about the Bible than other holy books. The main thrust of this article applies to others as well.

Points about the old testament:

  • It was written in Hebrew without any vowels, spaces between words and sentences, and there were no punctuation marks. Thus it can be read in many, many different ways. Imagine how these three sentences would be if written without those signs which allow us read English:
    Just taking the first few letters (twswrttnn) let us see how it could be read in different ways:

    • tow sow rotten in
    • to was war toot nun
    • tows awe rat tin on
    • it wise write ten no

    There are actually some clues in Hebrew such as letters change at end of words or it may be beginning (I cannot remember just now). Also the priests (rabbi) knew how to read the Hebrew Bible according to tradition.However, the tradition could be wrong and at times different readings are possible which could change the meaning one hundred and eighty degrees.

  • There is a false claim that every Hebrew Bible is identical to ever other one. There is the claim that after copying the bible was checked and if a single letter was wrong it would be burned. This is a lie. In fact no two manuscripts are letter perfect identical to another one.
  • The oldest extent Hebrew Bible (has everything) is about a thousand years old. There was so much excitement when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered because a few sentences were checked against the existing text.
  • The reality is that the Hebrew Bible is poetic and metaphorical. It was never imagined (by the Jews) as a book of science and fact.

So it is impossible to have a single reading of the Hebrew Bible (I’ll write about the New Testament at another time). A mystical reading of the first sentence of Genesis is: ” The beginningness created the gods, heavens and earths…”

This reading agrees with that of Kabbalh which has the unlimited light before emanation and tree of life. I’ll write more about this later too.

The main point is that imagining that a certain English translation of the Bible could be precise is plainly stupid and sacrilegious. However, the fundamentalists will be way too stupid and ignorant to understand that.

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