My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability

This post was written by DoctorJay on November 27, 2009
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Six practice periods are required in applying today’s idea. A full two minutes should be attempted for each of them, although the time may be reduced to a minute if the discomfort is too great. Do not reduce it further.

The practice period should begin with repeating the idea for today, then closing your eyes and reviewing the unresolved situations whose outcomes are causing you concern. The concern may take the form of depression, worry, anger, a sense of imposition, fear, foreboding or preoccupation. Any problem as yet unsettled which tends to recur in your thoughts during the day is a suitable subject. You will not be able to use very many for any one practice period, because a longer time than usual should be spent with each one.
Today’s idea should be applied as follows:

First, name the situation:

“I am concerned about ______.”

Then go over every possible outcome which has occurred to you in that connection and which has caused you concern, referring to each one quite specifically, saying:

“I am afraid ______ will happen.”

If you are doing the exercises properly, you should have some five or six distressing possibilities available for each situation you use, and quite possibly more. It is much more helpful to cover a few situations thoroughly than to touch on a larger number.

As the list of anticipated outcomes for each situation continues, you will probably find some of them, especially those which occur to you toward the end, less acceptable to you. Try, however, to treat them all alike to whatever extent you can.

After you have named each outcome of which you are afraid, tell yourself:

“That thought is an attack upon myself.”

Conclude each practice period by repeating today’s idea once more.

I’m not sure if I did all the six practice sessions given that it was thanksgiving, but we did thank God and each other and had a great time. Even so I had times at which I had doubts and worries – and then I reminded myself that my attack thoughts were attacking my vulnerability.

At the same time being away from home was different – so I did have both attack thoughts and I deflected the attack thoughts but I’ll write more about this post later.

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