Aesthetical design

This post was written by DoctorJay on July 7, 2010
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When the fundamentalist lost the battle about cretin nonsense (they call it creation science – it is not science and is sacrilegious to tellthe Ultimate Reality, God, Tao, the Creator how it/she should have created the universe) against evolution they tried to come back through the back door with a nearly as stupid idea as “Intelligent design.” This brings back god of the gap and god of mysteries.

There is something too complex for us to understand at this moment so ET did it. Then somehow ET ends up being the God of fundamentalist Christianity.

As far as fundamentalists are concerned lets examine the word. Your fundaments are what you sit on (your arse if you didn’t get it). And mental – yes they sure are.

Anyway, intelligent design claims to be truly scientific and fails so miserably that it lost the second monkey trial. Darwin won, and the monkeys lost…

Aesthetical design has nothing to do with science. Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.”

He might have said that all things outside spirituality are other (non-religious) domains and religion only deals with how we treat ourselves and others and our relationship with Ultimate Reality…

The other day I was doing a walking meditation and I heard the most beautiful sound of some birds singing. There are no behavioral reasons why aesthetics should exist. We could be zombies (automatons) and yet behave in identical way that we act.

I don’t think the existence (the perception) of beauty proves the existence of God. It is something which points to the possibility of a good loving God…

By the way I do not see any contradiction between science and true religion (rather than forced fundamentalism). Science shows what is. If you believe in some form of creator then evolution was her/his/its way of creating and developing life which was bound to lead to sentient loving beings.

And if you don’t, then there is no need for the creator. If you do not however, think about beauty. Is its perception an evolutionary advantage?


I don’t know.

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