I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation

This post was written by DoctorJay on February 6, 2010
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Today was an interesting day in as much as I just could not get into the exercises for the day. Weather wise it was raining hard and then extremely windy, sunny, hot, cold, more rain and so on. I could not do the exercise as desired five minutes every hour but did it a little but just could not get into it.

From today’s ACIM workbook:

Today is a day of special dedication. We take a stand on but one side today. We side with truth and let illusions go. We will not vacillate between the two, but take a firm position with the One. We dedicate ourselves to truth today, and to salvation as God planned it be. We will not argue it is something else. We will not seek for it where it is not. In gladness we accept it as it is, and take the part assigned to us by God…

Is it not worth five minutes of your time each hour to be able to accept the happiness that God has given you? Is it not worth five minutes hourly to recognize your special function here? Is not five minutes but a small request to make in terms of gaining a reward so great it has no measure? You have made a thousand losing bargains at the least…

Each hour today give Him your tiny gift of but five minutes. He will give the words you use in practicing today’s idea the deep conviction and the certainty you lack. His words will join with yours, and make each repetition of today’s idea a total dedication, made in faith as perfect and as sure as His in you. His confidence in you will bring the light to all the words you say, and you will go beyond their sound to what they really mean. Today you practice with Him, as you say:

I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.

In each five minutes that you spend with Him, He will accept your words and give them back to you all bright with faith and confidence so strong and steady they will light the world with hope and gladness. Do not lose one chance to be the glad receiver of His gifts, that you may give them to the world today.

Give Him the words, and He will do the rest. He will enable you to understand your special function. He will open up the way to happiness, and peace and trust will be His gifts; His answer to your words. He will respond with all His faith and joy and certainty that what you say is true. And you will have conviction then of Him Who knows the function that you have on earth as well as Heaven. He will be with you each practice period you share with Him, exchanging every instant of the time you offer Him for timelessness and peace.

Throughout the hour, let your time be spent in happy preparation for the next five minutes you will spend again with Him. Repeat today’s idea while you wait for the glad time to come to you again. Repeat it often, and do not forget each time you do so, you have let your mind be readied for the happy time to come.

And when the hour goes and He is there once more to spend a little time with you, be thankful and lay down all earthly tasks, all little thoughts and limited ideas, and spend a happy time again with Him. Tell Him once more that you accept the part that He would have you take and help you fill, and He will make you sure you want this choice, which He has made with you and you with Him.

As I mentioned earlier (at top of the post) I kept repeating the thought for the day and I just could not get into it.

However just now as I was reading “And when the hour goes,” at exactly the time I read the word hour the movie I was watching said hour. A minor synchronicity but even so one.

I suppose some thoughts work better than others and also some days one is not ready for the exercises. That is one the reason there review periods.

The only thing that happened today was that as I kept repeating the thought of the day it changed from I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation to I accept my role in God’s plan for salvation. First of all as I think about it now it makes sense to drop the word will. If you will do something it remains in the future all the time. It is like affirmations are supposed to be in the present tense.

Part, role – I suppose six of one and…

Since we are here:

The original prisoner was brilliant.
The remake forgivable as well as forgettable.


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