Accept all miracles little or large

This post was written by DoctorJay on November 29, 2009
Posted Under: A Course In Miracles

In “A Course in Miracles,” book one – the text – it is written that there is no order in miracles. That’s to say miracles large and small are as difficult as each other.

This morning I had a little miracle:

Last night ended with my keyboard on which I write this blog broke. The letter “A” would not work. I did not know if that was because some wine spilled on it or not (a drop may have got on it near the “A” key). I used dust away and did all sorts of things to no avail. This morning the keyboard was magically working again for about five minutes. I managed to write a little on today’s exercise of the day (God is in everything I see) and then the “L” key died.

So I went to an electronic store and bought a new keyboard. I also tried to buy a new laptop at Costco because it had a rebate just for today, but it was not to be as it was out of stock.

I arrived home and connected my brand new keyboard to my laptop and booted but the keyboard would not work.

So I connected my old keyboard even though my password has an “L” in it. But I was greatly and happily surprised that it is working now. I’m typing this piece with it. Moreover, apparently tomorrow is called cyber Monday when many companies have great online discount and perhaps I’ll buy my replacement laptop tomorrow.

I may even go to ebay and bid on it. Warning, if someone clicks bellow and buys an HP computer I’ll make a little commission from ebay and also I have HP shares. The reason I have HP shares is because I like their products. I have used HP products for more than thirty years when I was a software engineer. I loved their lab equipment way before they started making PCs.

Anyway, if anyone does read these posts (the website statistics show that on average people return here four and a half times in November – please leave some comments) and needs to replace their PCs they may wish to look at these bargains:

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