What’s in a word

I’m taking a little time off from this blog as I’m doing the review days. Will be back very soon with new thoughts of the day. One of the review days was about “I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.” I remember the first time I did this exercise I naturally removed […]

you are God’s gift to humanity

While I’m doing these review days I’ll use the time to just write ideas that come to mind thanks to doing A Course in Miracles workbook. Typically when people say that someone thinks that he’s God’s gift to humanity they are denigrating the person, however in reality every person who is born is God’s gift […]

you are light, peace, joy and love

I had no time to do yesterday’s worbook exercises. Since these are review days I’ll combine yesterday’s and today’s work with my comments more than anything else. I started with the following thoughts: Light and joy and peace abide in me. I am as God created me. I am one Self, united with my Creator. […]

Light, miracles and strength

According to Plato all learning was relearning. Modern cognitive science (brain sciences, psychology, philosophy, and many more sciences combined) has demonstrated experimentally that this theory is wrong. However, reviewing something you have already learned is definitely relearning and gives us new clues abouy what we learned earlier. Thus A Course in miracles has many review […]

I am as God created me

Way before I discovered “A Course in Miracles,” I objected to the idea of evil and sin. My logic was this: Assume God exists. Assume that God is good. Assume God created the whole of all that exists. Therefore all that exists is good. Thus evil and sin (as evil rather than missing the mark) […]

I rest in God’s peace

What do we want? Many answers: I want to be rich. I want a new Bentley. I want a Mansion. I want to Go to Egypt. I want my children to be happy. Now ask why you want to be rich and so on. Whatever answer you get ask why that and then again why […]

To give and to receive are one in truth

The way I do these exercises and posts is to start by typing the headline and then think about the associations it produces. I write about those and then read the full workbook exercise and start doing them and write appropriate comments. So today’s thought for the day becomes a riddle: “What is it that […]

Truth will correct all errors in my mind

I do not like the term God as often it is used for the vengeful unloving idol “religious” people have created to reflect their vengeful unloving egos. I prefer the term Ultimate Reality or the One. Such terms have not been abused for thousands of years and do not judge the Divine. Even when I […]

Let me be still and listen to the truth

Be still and know that I’m God. That’s one of the best lesson’s in life. When we put the monkey mind to sleep we allow the truth to come out – we allow peace, love and joy which are there all the time show themselves. Be still and know that I’m God… Many mystics believe […]

God’s peace and joy are mine

In order to increase peace and joy we have to understand that the universe is made of information and is thus unlimited. Thus a limp of coal and a rough diamond, and a brilliant cut diamond are all the same matter but their information is different and so is their value. However, we value matter […]