Miracles are only seen in light

Today we start a new set of thoughts. A Course in miracles workbook continues by stating that miracles are there all the time. It is just that we don’t see them in darkness. This is confirmed by my own mystical experiences when I have experienced unity with the all. At these times I know that […]

Let grievances be replaced by miracles

OK this is total crap and that’s the miracle that it’s perfect. I just wrote the original version of this post for an hour when I have no time and I lost it all. And I was being so poetic or is pathetic – it’s been one of those two days. So to start again […]

Let light replace suffering through acceptance

I have spent most of the last thirty eight hours in bed and one way or other recovering from some kind of dis-ease. My nose is running, I had (and to a certain extent still have) a sore throat and my breathing is not easy. I mentioned yesterday that being spiritual and practicing the teachings […]

Let go and let God’s peace cover the universe

Again I’m doing two of the review days together.  I am sick and have spent a lot of time in bed for the last day. I was going to write I am suffering from a sickness and then I changed my mind. The miracle is not that when you are spiritual you do not get […]

My source is forgiving love

What is the Source, the Creator of all, the Author of the infinite universes? Most religions believe that it is love which created the universe. Either God is equivalent to love or created the creation out of love. The four thoughts to be reviewed today and yesterday (I ended lacking time – I may do […]

Being happy is the function God gave me

When people are on their deathbeds they never regret not having spent more times in the office, or having made more money, or not having bought more toys. They regret no having loved more, or spent more time watching sunsets and so on. The American statement that he who dies with most toys wins is […]

Peace through forgiveness and loving light

Second of the second review sessions continues with the idea that my function is to bring peace onto the world through forgiveness and unconditional love. From ACIM workbook: The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness. Suggestions for specific forms for applying this idea are: Let peace extend from my […]

Forgive to show you are the light of the world

We start another series of review practice periods. A Course in Miracles workbook says about this: The longer practice periods will follow this general form: Take about fifteen minutes for each of them, and begin by thinking about the ideas for the day, and the comments that are included in the assignments. Devote some three […]

Let me recognize my problems have been solved

Yesterday during the second long exercise period I realized that I had no real problems. Yes, life is suffering and all sorts of “bad” things do happen but they are not real problems. They are simply things to be accepted and dealt with appropriately. From ACIM workbook: Your only problem has been solved! Repeat this […]

Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved

I looked at the title of today’s exercise: “Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved,” and opened a book by Yogananda at the same time (I don’t know why I did this – as I’m studying A Course in Miracles and finding peace I do things like this more often)… It came […]